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  1. FrostyCat

    Free GMTactician Collection: Minimax Devkit

    GMTactician Collection: Minimax Devkit Easy turn-based AI for GMS 2.3+ Overview This library provides a basic framework for implementing the Minimax algorithm. Both synchronous and asynchronous evaluation are supported, and you can develop a basic AI off the rules of the game plus a numeric...
  2. FrostyCat

    Free GMTactician Collection: MCTS Devkit

    GMTactician Collection: MCTS Devkit Easy turn-based AI for GMS 2.3+ Overview This library provides a basic framework for implementing the Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithm. Both synchronous and asynchronous evaluation are supported, and you can develop a basic AI off little more than...
  3. Y

    Legacy GM Enemy AI doesn't recognize certain objects?

    The game i'm working on is very similar to light bikes but with 360 degree movement (If you not sure what that is google it). The game requires AI that can avoid both walls but down by the player as well as the outside boundary walls. The player walls are simply multiple small circles very close...
  4. S

    Pathfinding for enemys (a* pathfinding)

    I want to set up an enemy ai that moves to the player, when it sees the player. However, my game is grid based, so the enemy should move from gird position to grid position. My problem is to find a suiting method to calculate the path, that the enemy takes. I tried for 3 days to create an a*...
  5. S

    Enemy Detection

    I'm trying to figure out enemy detection mechanics but can't get it quite right. I have it where if the player is within a certain distance and there is no wall or obstructions, then the enemy will follow if (distance_to_object(oPlayer) <= 256) { if...
  6. S

    GML Check for object like "with obj.var"

    Hi all So I've been starting to create an AI, that should be able to have "teams". Every object, that uses the AI, contains a "team" variable. What I want to do now is to check for instances that contain the variable "team", and if this variable isn't the same as the checking instances "team"...
  7. jr carey

    Legacy GM Maching path learning (genetic algorithm)

    GM Version: GM: Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: n/a Links: YouTube playlist I have created a full tutorial series on AI learning...what this means is that overtime the AI will this series its over path learn, so the AI doesn't know what the path is until it fully learns it...
  8. D

    What would be the best way to set up a behavior tree in game maker?

    In a game i'm working on i'm making the AI kind of like the AI you see in games like Party Hard or Hitman where the AI will walk around can get scared, will interact with objects etc. I'm just wondering what the best way to go about this would be, would enums be a good way? Or would a FSM...
  9. W

    Follower/Pet code refining

    So far the game I'm working on has been running well, I would describe the game's style inspired by Castlevania, so basically a 2D platformer. I'm in the midst of implementing a follower system, so the main character will be followed by another object that will attack enemy objects if close...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Units smooth turning when about to leave screen

    Hello guys, I need help again! I'm trying to make a space game, where a unit circling back when they are about to leave to screen. First off all here is what I got for the code: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EnteringAngle = image_angle if...
  11. K

    Tips for creating fighting game AI?

    So let's say I already have a complete setup for my fighting game. The sprites, the controls, all the spells, combos etc are working. Basically the versus mode is already completed But I'm still missing twaht I think may be the hardest part to program: The computer intelligence... To anybody...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] AI won't move after collision event is triggered once

    the problem I've been having is that the AI won't move at all after it has collided with the wall (the AI isn't stuck in the wall) What I've Noticed The problem only happens when I try to get the AI to move away from the player and here is the code for that the vspd is affecting the hspd for...
  13. Zerb Games

    Platformer AI: high performance, and in high numbers.

    So I was wondering how I could make a lot of platformer AI in a room in an efficient manor. Ultimately I would like to have as many AI as possible in the room, but obviously there is limits. I'm hoping YYC helps. Anybody know how I could accomplish such a feat, assuming I didn't have the YYC...
  14. C

    Advance AI path

    Can I make a path relative to another path? Like a line and a circle make a Spiral path? OR some other way to make this work? Thank you guys:P
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Boss AI, Forming it's own Combos

    Edit: The answer is below this post and I wouldn't recommend reading what I wrote below this edit note since it'll probably confuse you. To summarize the system I wanted for my boss is basically have the boss be able to choose which move in a combo set to use based on range. As stated above I'm...
  16. D

    Asset - Project Advance TDS AI & Player Engine

    On sale $1.99 till November 1st! (Originally $5.99) 6 Purchased so far. Please leave a review! Advance Shooter AI Engine: Version 5.3.2 released! 10/25/16 -Cleaned up code, added comments to engine. Tracking AI and Avoiding, Alternate routes is almost perfect now! AI types have been...