1. NotKrixxppi

    GMS 2.3+ Using the position of the mouse to trigger an event.

    Hello everyone, I was looking for some assistance on a rather simple question, I was wondering if you could use the position of the mouse, to trigger an event. For one of my projects I would like to make it so whenever the player's cursor reaches a range of an (x, y,) coordinate that an event...
  2. Null-Z

    Tips for a 2D artist starting 3D modeling.

    while I wait for the final parts to upgrade my computer, I wanted to gather some tips to help me swiftly understand how to model in 3D. what advise do you have? anything you wish you knew when you began 3D modeling? what tutorials do you you suggest work the best? advise is appreciated!
  3. A

    Advanced sprites with (kind of) physics

    I’ve played a lot of metroidvania style games, and I’ve wanted to mimic the functions of some of them. The only problem is I have no idea how some of these mechanics were done. A few examples: in Timespinner, the Asure Queen has weapons on the end of intangible chains. The chains fold and...
  4. flyinian

    Long Resource Names

    I have long resource names which is done for organization and clarity. After renaming my project and saving, I received a message saying resource names were to long. Now I have what appears to be corrupted images for my game. Is there a way to fix this? or is it just a, "Make sure your...
  5. B

    Making a Solitaire Game

    Hi, I've been working on a solitaire game and I'm looking for advice on what the best approach might be. I want to have the cards laid out like solitaire and the ability to move multiple cards in a column at once. If anyone has any ideas on what might be the way to do this, that would be great...
  6. H

    Advice, Tips, Experience stories, Warnings, etc. for releasing a Demo and Game

    Advice, Tips, Experience stories, Warnings, etc. for releasing a Demo and Game on: Steam Gamejolt And other sites Examples: What is a good time to release a game or demo, financial advice for people starting out, what to take note of when you release your game, and anything else that...
  7. H

    Music Making Advice

    Anyone have advice for making video game music for a platformer? The only thing I understand about making music, as a novice, is that you need a good beat. But besides a really short drum beat, I have no idea on what to do to make a song that doesn't get annoying in a few seconds. Any advice and...
  8. M

    Objects overlapping? [SOLVED]

    Hi guys, I'm new to the GML, and I'd need some help… I've created a player object and some rocks. they both have collision masks and I fixed the depths of both to -y, to prevent any eventual overlapping issues. However, if I want the player to hide a little behind a rock, he won't actually get...
  9. m0zzy

    Bit of advice/opinion on which design to go for..

    Im making a remake of the ZxSpectrum Classic ‘Trashman’ .. But i thought id make it a bit differant and make it ‘1bit’ as i like the look of 'minit' and other 1bit titles .. But now ive make it ‘black+white’, Im not so sure ... What do u think ..?? Cheers!
  10. Fabseven

    WIP the defender, need advices (game = 100D)

    Hello there, I am still working on my game named "100 Days to survice" (code name = 100D) but i do not know what to do next to improve the game. (other then "help", "sound" and "balancing" stuff i mean) You can test the game with this link ...
  11. frd

    Help: MacOS publishing for distribution outside of Mac App Store

    Hello, I'm looking for support from anyone who has published a MacOS game using GameMaker Studio 2, for free distribution on indie sites like I've never published a game before, and I'm finding that the tutorials I come across online don't exactly match what I'm trying to do. I have...
  12. H

    Gml Ren'py

    I am working on a visual novel with rpg elements like 2d game environment, turn based fighting, inventory, stats and such. I need some help. I'm not sure how to implement the visual novel aspect. I like how the Ren'py engine works with labels, and jump and show and such. If there is any help...
  13. K

    How should you create new classes?

    Say you're creating a game with many different classes. What would you do to make the classes unique and fun to play? I'm kinda struggling with this, figured I would ask some people.
  14. A

    Шарящие на русском есть?

    Ребята, мне нужны люди которые могут помочь мне с одним проектом, желательно из Украины. Я и моя "команда"(нас 2) хотим набрать людей, для реализации нашего проекта, детали проекта и все остальное если хотите узнать пишите в лс или Discord( Сраный Колдун #3007)
  15. Ggbah

    DS Grids or File Processing for in game databases

    I've been thinking about this for some time now, and I would like your inputs and perspectives. I was thinking, at the start of the game.. creating a DS grid which acts as a spreadsheet for items in game containing the pertinent and full list of all items per category. Individual instances of...
  16. Drazex

    Design Ambitious Strategy Game

    Hi, I'm a fairly new programming hobbyist. I've already designed one simple game with GameMaker, and now am aiming for something more ambitious. My goal is to create a strategy game framework that I can build on and make more complex over time, for something that basically bridges the gap...
  17. dynamic_zero

    How can I improved this loop?

    Hiya guys, Just looking for a bit of general advice. I have a large open world map in my game that draws from a set of ds_grids. I have this loop which deletes any tiles outside of the players view (view_range) and then draws any inside of it. Can you think of anyway to improve this? It seems...
  18. zendraw

    Graphics Q:Texture pages

    So im not sure if this is teh right part of the forum, its not a programming question so this one seemd most logical. the Q. when is it best to use a larger texture page? like i usually go with the default, but recently ive been dealing with more graphics and i get alot of texture pages and...
  19. Gamerev147

    Distribution Selling my Game? (I need honest advice!)

    So I've been getting ready to release my game King of the Craze. I took a good trip on the time machine and visited old projects that I thought were good at the time. They looked terrible compared to King of the Craze! However I was thinking, if I think my game is good, does that mean others...
  20. J


    I need help, does anyone know a good knockback script for GM2?