1. L

    Portfolio - Art Lulus Art [Paid Work] - Character-Design/Concept-Art/Illustrations

    Hello, dear gm-community! :p My name is Lulu and I'm a hobby-artist from germany. I enjoy making art for serveral years now already and want to use as much of my free time as possible with my passion. I thought here on this platform I can be of help by making coverart, ad-Illustrations...
  2. T

    Ads in GMS 1.4 please help

    Hello everyone, me and a friend are making a game in GMS 1.4 and we want to put ads in the game. I have read the tutorial about this, but it's just not clear enough for me. Do we have to make a Google Mobile Ads account to test ads? How do we connect the ads to the game? I tried with the Google...
  3. C

    Admob won't Work

    I'm having some severe issues with admob. I'm not sure if it's just the coding, or the expansions, I don't know. My game worked perfectly before I started trying to implement ads into the game before publishing to the Google Play Store. As soon as I put in the codes for admob, with the necessary...
  4. T

    Android AdMob (Banner Problem)

    Hello! :) I have a problem about banners (It's the first time I'm trying to add ads in game). Even if I code it right with no errors, Test AdMob banners wont appear. The game runs OK but I can't see any (test) banner in the room. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance. :) This is the code...
  5. mootaz azaiez

    Android Banner ads on android

    Hi , hope you guys doing well , i just wanted to know if i is it legal to add more then one banner on a single room ? im using admob as ads provider ! also is it normal to earn only 0.44 euros for 2.13K impressions ? ( im using GoogleMobileAds_Banner ) thank you for your time :)
  6. F

    iOS Resume Sound After Interstitial Is Closed

    I am displaying an Interstitial ad using AdMob/GooglePlayServicesExtension. When displaying the ad, the background music does not stop automatically. Stopping it is easy enough by using audio_stop_sound() along with the GoogleMobileAds_ShowInterstitial() function; however, I am left with the...
  7. Toxic Tom

    Android How to use Google AdMob with GMS 2

    Hi, I've been looking into getting AdMob to work with my android app I made in Game Maker Studio 2. It is currently published on the Google Play Store ( and I have done all the AdMob setup for it on the website...
  8. H

    Android Doubts about "Ad's" on mobile

    Can someone explain to me how Add's works? How they are applied inside the game. I'm at the end of my project and would like to know a little about it. Thanks for the help and attention.
  9. G

    GML AdColony Using Multiple Zones

    In my app I have two different places for rewarded video ads, and therefore two different zones registered under AdColony. I'm wondering how I should go about implementing this, because the AdColony_Init() function can only take one zone. I doubt it that this AdColony extension would be so...

    Discussion Ads in GMS:2

    Hey guys! Again me^^ I cannot find any tutorial for ads and in-app purchases. Are there any? Thank you so much.
  11. Meester Dennis

    Show adds on UWP (Windows 10 mobile)

    Dear people, I'm Dennis and I have some little educative applications for the Netherlands. My applicaties have banner adverstising on Android en Apple. Last week I released my applications on UWP (Windows 10 mobile). I want to create some Banners on this devices. But I cant find any tutorial...
  12. R

    HTML5 Advertisement with SupersonicAds

    Hi, I'm currently trying to put ads inside the canvas of some of my web games, I did all the steps I could find to set up the Ads for HTML5, in the preferences tab. All the guides have multiple options but looks like now gamemaker studio 1.4 only has Supersonic Ads avaiable for HTML5 in the...
  13. RizbIT

    advertising id with appodeal sdk

    Hi, I have published a game on play store. In that i added Appodeal ad SDK, to show banner ads and video ads. Appodeal uses admob and other networks. But do i have to worry about "advertising id"? In the past ive...
  14. C

    Android How to setup Rewarded Video Ads?

    Good day, So I've been working hard on trying to integrate advertisements into my Android game. The best way is not to force the using to look at ads (think banners and interstitials), but to allow them to have a choice in the matter, thus the rewarded video comes to mind. However, I have run...
  15. J

    Can't compile to android after importing google play services extension

    Please help me, I've been trying everything i can for the last few days :( here is the compile error: [UPDATE] I fixed it :D i just had to update a few android sdks
  16. A

    Android APK Error ( - 1.4.1763

    (Sorry for bad english.. I am from Turkiye, Kastamonu) Please help.. I tried many many things.. Include format, re install java,game maker , clean cache , etc.. But I could not solve.. I can't make android apk.. I read a lot of things in the forum but did not solve.. I have v1.4.1763 JDK 8...
  17. D

    HTML5 Is an HTML5 published game secure from being copied?

    Hello, Just as asked on the post title. I was wondering whether the HTML5 games that are published on a webserver are protected from being copied alltogether or even modified. Let's imagine i publish an HTML5 game with just some Ads on the html page that contains the game: I guess in that...
  18. G

    Distribution Does likeability play a big part in ads?

    So when you advertise your games does likeability play in and how much? I think it is important that you are aware that when you write something or reply to people that you are also representing your company. Being nice and helpful towards other people and not being angry and hateful towards...
  19. J

    AdColony has the player watched entire ad

    Hi guys. If anyone of you is using AdColony can you explain me how to check has player watched entire video, for example if they have watched entire video they get 10 gold or something like that. Video is Interstitial (is that a problem). Tnx
  20. S

    iOS Google Play Advertising not keeping Global Game Settings (works on Android)

    Under "Global Game Setting" -> "Advertising" there are tabs for several platforms (iOS, Android, hmlt5 etc.). For iOS/Android, each ad provider has a checkbox along with a link to the extension on the yoyo marketplace (this is an old link but is the correct place...