1. B

    Ads not loading for Android

    I was following the TinyGamesLab tutorial to add Ads to my mobile game. I imported the extensions and everything from his project download into my project. When I click the banner object to load a banner. I get this error: 07-30 10:52:08.986 10805 10882 I yoyo : Extension Class not found...
  2. kammer_black

    Android Problems with my ads

    Hello everyone. I am finishing a game. I am now implementing AdMob. I don't know anything about this part so I'm following a tutorial on youtube. The problem happens when I click the button to see the reward video. The game crashes and no error message appears. I only have as a clue the log...
  3. P

    Android Reward Video - how to check for callback?

    Hello, I searched for this but hasn't found any new information. Since may 17, the Google Play Services from YOYO games support reward videos. But I couldn't find any documentation explaining how to check for the callback when the video is viewed in full. I can load and show the reward video...
  4. R

    iOS Best Google Ad extension for GMS2??

    Hi i've finished my first IOS game and want to add banner ads. A tutorial says i need to download an extension but which extension is best??? Can anyone recommend one that has proven results? Thanks Rosss
  5. Megax60

    How do you publish your game

    After releasing it on steam, or on a interactive barbecue, How do you publish it, cuz, i have readed that if you want to make an advertisement of your game on youtube, you have to pay 0.1 - 0.3 per view, that means, about 1,000 $ per 10,000 view.... Thats a LOT, is there any cheaper way? or do...
  6. Vinsane

    Android Best Advertisement Service in 2018 for Android Games?

    Hey guys, this question is for the developers that are making android titles recently. I'm curious to what everyone uses these days for ads? I have AdMob for banner ads but I would love to know what everyone is using for video ads? I know AdMob video ad is not supported due to doing some...
  7. F

    iOS Resume Sound After Interstitial Is Closed

    I am displaying an Interstitial ad using AdMob/GooglePlayServicesExtension. When displaying the ad, the background music does not stop automatically. Stopping it is easy enough by using audio_stop_sound() along with the GoogleMobileAds_ShowInterstitial() function; however, I am left with the...