1. Pineapple Lake

    Released Juiced! - a retro platform adventure [PC/Mobile/NintendoSwitch]

    Type: Platform adventure game. Influenced by Commander Keen, Jazz Jackrabbit, Cosmo, Rayman, Mario. Operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch Resolution: 320x180 (16:9) Version: 2.01 (updated 28/11/2020) Website: Download: -Steam -Nintendo eShop...
  2. J

     Roaming the land of Death (isometric)

    Looking for any feedback on this project. This is my first game and it is nowhere near finished. Roaming the land of death is an isometric game with questing, shooting off spells, looting, and other fun mechanics. I started this project almost 3 years ago but finding the motivation to work on...
  3. W

    Android Territory Earth, Highly upgraded and officially published!

    Released for Android and Windows! After entering the Gamemaker Comunity Game Jam last month, and making a video game in under 72 hours, I saw the potential in Territory Earth and decided to make it a much better game, I present to you for free and add free, the fully complete version of...
  4. orange08

    Steam Gebub's Adventure [PC+Mac]

    Gebub's Adventure takes place in a large and mostly peaceful world. The game follows the travels of Gebub, a creature who came from something peculiar. In the like of Seiklus you can collect many various colored orbs, which are often hidden in secret places throughout the different worlds. There...
  5. K

    Legacy GM FPV P&C Adventure question(s)

    Hello fellow people, I have been designing first person viewed point and click adventures through my notebook and wanting to get them to reality is a pain.. I am wondering if there is tutorials on how to make them through GM:Studio.
  6. S

    An extremely early wip project I'm working on

    I'm working on a game called Muppy's exploring days. It's really early, and only has one level, and it's unfinished. But anyways here it is
  7. M

    Text Adventure Game

    Hello all! I have recently delved deep in game design and chose game maker as my go-to engine due to my recent acquired experience with it. I've begun working on a text adventure game in gml (where the player is in an office and he can check different items for clues that enable further...
  8. T

    Windows Quinlin: Atari Style Adventure! OPEN ALPHA

    Quinlin Welcome everyone to my latest WIP from Thunder Life! With the completion and release of Photonica, I have learnt many new things and am ready to move on to a love project. Quinlin is an adventure game where you play as the protagonist of the same name. You must adventure the world around...
  9. S

    Portfolio - Audio Freelance Composer seeking commercial projects (Long or short term)

    Hello there. I am Simon DLSea and I am a freelance composer and musician (Flute). I come from a long line of musicians, both my grandfathers played music by ear. My paternal grandfather could play any instrument he touched. Except for the piano. My maternal grandfather could play one instrument...
  10. LEGOlars

    Released Wuppo; Boss Run (free Update)! ( unique hand drawn open world RPG platform adventure )

    Hello everyone! :D I started working on this game about 7 years ago (no joke xD). And after many complete reboots, lots of adjustments and most of all hours upon hours upon hours of work, Wuppo will FINALLY release September 29th 2016! I'm very curious what you guys think! - Game available on...
  11. Dragon47

    Beta Blue Void (3D horror game)

    Download: http://www.mediafire...p/Blue Void.exe A secret organization has lost contact with one of its research facilities, namely the IRF which is located thousands of meters below sea level to conduct research on underwater life forms. To find out what has happened, someone has to go down to...
  12. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows The Sky Is No Limit - v0.3.1

    The Sky Is No Limit What is this about? This thread is a dev-log about my current work in progress, which I hope will be finished (or at least in a stable version) by the start of september 2016. Anything italicized here is a work in progress and won't be included in the game until a future...
  13. P

    Newbie Question...What kind of games can I make?

    I've been flitting around the internet and youtube and googling the question but not getting anywhere so here goes... What kind of games can I make with Game Maker? 1. Hidden Object with an item list where the word is either scratched through or the item disappears once it is found? 2. Claw...
  14. W

    Android PitCat [FREE]

    Hey, guys! :D Wood Wall Games has just released its first game! PitCat is available on the Google Play Store. Go ahead and download! It was programmed by me and all of the art was made Danieru. The game is a puzzle where you have to use the environment in your favor in order to beat the...
  15. T

    Alpha Beryl Online

    Beryl Online is a 2d platformer online game where players can create their characters, Choose their Main Weapon and Explore the continent while facing monsters, other players and Acquiring items and improving their weapon mastery. Players will able to complete quests enter dungeons and fight...
  16. T

    The 8-bit's [Hack'n'slash adventure game]

    This is a project I have been working on for a while now. I actually had a lot finished but wasn't really happy about the result and canceled it. Later on I started from scratch with the same idea but with a new art style and better system. The game has 3 stages for now but a lot more are coming...
  17. K

     The Witch of Darkmoore Forest - Hillariously Amusing Adventure

    Hello Fellow Gamemakers! Are you ready for the Witch of Darkmoore Forest? It’s an adventure RPG style game* where you must solve the mystery of the Darkmoore Forest. Gather exotic ingredients! Brew Potions! Solve Puzzles! Restore Harmony to the Forest! Vaporize a few gremlins along the way...
  18. S

    Alpha The Heartland Saga Alpha --Greenlight!

    We've been greenlit! Check out our steam page: We have a new trailer available: As well as a new demo: Currently The Heartland Saga is in its Alpha...
  19. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows Fungus wars: a 2-players action:strategy game

    So this is a game that I created back when the yoyogames sandbox was still a thing and when I was maybe 12 years old. Do to popular request,I just spent the entire morning converting it to GM:studio and good lord did I code like a monkey back then. So much Drag&Drop everywhere! I hope you will...
  20. H

    Windows I'm making my first game what do you guys think.

    I am working on my first game on Game Maker and I want you guys to see what it has turned out to be like. I have not been working with Game Maker for long about 2 weeks now and I wanted to create a game so I can get use to what all the events and all the buttons do on the game. But this is how...