1. A

    Steam [point and click comedy] Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure

    About Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure" is a comedy adventure game set in a cartoonish steampunk world. The story follows Viktor, a wild boar who tries to cope with the loss of his job by going on a quest to become a new Emperor of Austria-Hungary. Download / Purchase The game is out NOW on Steam...
  2. W

    Released Lure of the Death Stone released for Android, Windows

    Hello from Roadhammer Gaming! I've been working on this game since november and it is finally done! It is also my first attempt at implementing ads, any feedback would be welcome. thanks and happy gaming! Lure of the Death Stone Fight legions of ancient enemies that have returned from the void...
  3. Geoff Jones

    Alpha Code of the Savage RPG [KICKSTARTER!]

    Hello! I'm pleased to announce the kickstarter campaign for Code of the Savage! I'd greatly appreciate your support! Demo: [OUT OF DATE] New demo coming soon (single exe) Genre: Classic style open-world RPG with...
  4. C

    Windows Cliff Parchment: The Mystery of Skeleton Lake

    Hello there my strong and elegant friends! I finally got round to releasing my first ever game. Download: Here is a little about the game, which can be found and purchased here. A nod to the classic adventure games of old, Cliff Parchment: The Mystery of Skeleton Lake aims to amuse, confuse...
  5. T

    Free Exile: Castle Raid - Adventure game with slot combat system

    Exile: Castle Raid - adventure game with slot combat system Hey guys, We are Team 9Boot. A 2-MAN team that is trying to make game with fun and basic mechanic. It's our first project which take us 5 months working on it. Thanks YoYoGames for making this come true. We are so happy to announce...
  6. S

    Demo Evobeasts: Creature Capture Adventure

    ---EVOBEASTS--- (See UPDATE below for DEMO information) Evobeasts is a creature capture adventure game. We grew up playing games like Dragon Warrior Monster, Pokemon, and Digimon, and wanted to put our own, unique spin on the genre. The name of the game in Evobeasts is choices, and each...
  7. Repix

    Windows Tanaria - The Spirit Stone (Demo)

    Download: - The Spirit Stone Demo.exe?dl=0 File Size: 2.21MB File: Single runtime exe Genre: Action Adventure with RPG elements.
  8. T

    Windows Programming Events in an Adventure Game

    I'd like to create a point-and-click puzzle adventure game (i.e. King's Quest, Sam & Max, Freddie Fish, etc.), but I'm not sure what the best approach is for handling in-game events and triggers. Should I use multidimensional arrays, instance creation variables, or something else? For a...
  9. C

    Alpha Ocean Storm

    Alpha Trailer: Game Information: Category: Open World, Adventure, RPG, Visual Novel File Size: 200MB File Type: Installer GM Version: Studio Download Link: Storm.exe?dl=0 Ocean Storm is best described as an open world visual novel...
  10. W

    Job Offer - Artist [Team Request] Artist Needed

    A good artist who can paint in painterly art style. Art like that of games like Braid etc. Note: It is completely up to you how much you want to work, even if you are a beginner I appreciate that and you can get involved. There is no pressure here, you decide what you want to work on and...
  11. M

    Windows Error 4516 Point & Click Horror/Thriller Game.

    What is Error 4516: Error 4516 is a point and click navigational thriller/horror game that revolves around a security guard working the night shift at a local office building. As the nights progress, you begin to uncover the true backstory behind the building, and that your job is more than...

    Windows Minicraft

    Download Link: Screenshots: Description: This is a little game I made for a jam. Walk around the world acquire materials and build whatever you want. You can also paint pixel art and play in 2 with 2 Xbox controllers. This game isn't free of bugs, so save...
  13. L

    Free Aegic Crest

    Salutations! I am Will and I'd like to introduce my first game. Overview: Take the role of adventurer wannabes, Lyfa and Cyrus, in this brutally challenging co-op adventure! Lyfa and Cyrus have been itching to earn their adventurer license to become true bonafide adventurers. However...
  14. D

    Demo The Spell - A Top Down Fantasy Action Game [DEMO]

    The Spell is a fantasy action game that we have been working on for awhile now, and we have just finished our proof-of-concept demo. You play as a wizard taking on an entire castle full of soldiers by himself. He can create fire and wind, throw objects (and enemies) telekinetically, and shoot...
  15. L

    iOS Indie Game:Goku to hell free[Universal]

    Hello players,It took me 8 months to make the game by using gamemaker. video: Description: Goku to hell free is an action platformer game that includes the juice of pixel art style. Goku is a young and brave man who stand against darkness no matter what the cost. Help him on his adventure to...
  16. F

    Windows CJ's Maze Escape

    GAME JOLT DOWNLOAD LINK Description copied from the Game Jolt page. CJ's Maze Escape is a retro inspired adventure game made using authentic NES Tools for actual accuracy of the system's limitations. The objective is to guide a polar bear named "CJ" through some mazes to get back home after...
  17. MMM

    Released Code: Evolved - White Wolf 2

    A dark sci-fi story about life, evolution, experiments and creatures made of pure life energy. Sequel to White Wolf DEMO AVAILABLE ON: GameJolt page: page:
  18. M

    Steam The Elmian Warrior - EXPLORE, LOOT, AND CONQUER!

    The game is available now on Steam! get it here: Follow me on Twitter for future updates! You have been revived as the last member of the Elmian Tribe by a mad doctor. You will come across things such...
  19. M

    Windows Terra Prima.My very first game

    Hello!Today I came to show you my First full game available for download I spent 3 months in the development and it's for a contest. It's has a mix of classic genres such as platform,adventure and shoot 'em up. And if you want to download it you can download it here...
  20. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows 20 abrupt endings

    Gamejolt link: Itch io link: 20 Abrupt Endings This is a collection of old, unfinished projects that I have made between the ages of 15 and 18. All of them are now available as a single complete...