1. B

    A Snowman's Journey Prototype Demo

    here is a prototype demo for our game ASMJ. it is a platformer puzzle adventure game, be aware its a prototype so things will be buggy. the link im going to give you, will take you to our website, from there you will go to asmj demo tab, then download the game, it will take you to
  2. C

    Released The Conflux Story - An atmospheric adventure

    The Conflux Story is a pixelated, atmospheric adventure game about a love triangle, a lost guitar, and the daring sewer expedition that recovered the latter and shattered the former. An object of immeasurable sentimental value has been lost. It now lies far below you, at the heart of a pitch...
  3. W

    Demo Lane [NEW UPDATE] (v0.4)

    Hey everybody! I just want to thank you for clicking the link and visiting my game thread! I just want to tell you about Lane (Name has changed!) is being made, only with GameMaker: Studio 1.4. Its a project I've just started on developing and its coming along nicely. Now lets get on to the...
  4. C

     The Legend of the Knight Templar (Hack n slash/Fast Paced Action Platformer) [DEMO]

    Hello GM community, This was my first game I ever started working on a few years back as a hobby. ========================================================================== DOWNLOAD ITCH.IO GAMEJOLT In this game is you will experience a complex Hack n Slash combat with abilities and...
  5. silengames

    Free Boundland (Platform game)

    Game Name: Boundland Developer: SilenGames Publisher: Umbrella Games LLC Release Date: Sep 28 2017 Engine: GameMaker Studio 1.4 Website: AppStore link: Google Play link...
  6. Repix

    Alpha (v0.11) Light above Darkness [ Platformer RPG]

    Genre: Platformer, Action, Adventure, RPG. Name: Light above Darkness Size: 55MB File Type: ZIP Last Update: v0.11 (Updated: 10/01/2017) Download: above [New!] So what is...
  7. L

    Free The Deerfather - A lovecraftan stone age hunt

    The Deerfather The Deerfather is a short top-down action adventure game, made with GM:S 1.4 Professional. You play as a stone age hunter, on a hunt for cave deer in ancient caves. Throw spears, discover cave paintings and uncover the dark ancestry of man and deer. The game takes around 10-15...
  8. Rozen Software

    Released Princess of Magic

    We are really proud to announce a release of a new game made with GM2: Princess of Magic. It's an adventure game with a small RPG elements. You're playing the role of a young princess who must regain her throne from the hands of her bad uncle. Take a look and tell us what you think please. The...
  9. P

     Project: Idra

    Project: Idra is a Pixel Art graphics Action & Adventure game. We are in a not-so-far future and the protagonist's a guy who's working for Idra, an organization which aims to punish criminals, exiling them in a no return dimension (kind of a dimensional prison). Their logo is, indeed, a severed...
  10. G

    Portfolio - Audio Grayson Howard | Experienced Composer for Hire

    I would love to create a score for your game. Here is a bit of my work: Please email me if you are interested.
  11. W

    GMC Jam Forbidden Frontier released for windows and android!

    FORBIDDEN FRONTIER By Roadhammer Gaming They say nothing lies beyond their cavernous realm, you say differently. See the Forbidden Frontier homepage for all the details + walkthrough! The story: Living far below the planet's surface the inhabitants of the floating city of Erril believe that...
  12. ReidDC

    Windows "The Knights Tale" an Adventure Platformer/Metroidvania

    A 2D, Platform, adventure game I've been making called "The Knight". The main Protagonist "Rowen" is an outcast knight looking to redeem himself. His quest is to hunt down and destroy the Evil Sorcerer known as"Harzix". Then and only then will he be able too regain his honor as a Knight once...
  13. M

    Demo Kimo's Adventure

    Kimo's Adventure is Back Again.... Kimo got a serious overhaul in the last week or so! This is a Demo version of the game to come! Please feel free to comment! Thanks! Download the Demo Here: Masked Ninja Games
  14. T

     Quinlin - Test Exe

    Hey guys I need some feedback to this game I've been working on off and on for the past year or so, its called Quinlin, it is an Atari style adventure game about a young man who explores the world in search of a dream to make a future for his family, the player takes control of Quinlin and...
  15. P

    Free Dan - a simplistic action adventure platformer puzzle game

    Youtube: Watch Preview Google Play Store: Download Hello there, thanks for reading! I am Kyle Perry writing on behalf of Perilous Productions which is currently a one man operation and currently working solely on games. Dan (A.K.A. Cave Man Dan) is a simple adventure platformer puzzle game...
  16. W

    Windows Frog Hop Game

    Hi everyone I felt it would be appropriate to announce that my game Frog Hop was released Feb 23rd, 2017. It's a game I worked on for a little over 4 years solo. You can use your tongue ability to swing, launch, boost yourself through levels. Equip different charms for a different play-style...
  17. S

    Alpha E.L.F. | Super Smash-like game

    The E.L.F. Project The E.L.F. project began as an idea to create Super Smash Bros.-ish game, but with more. Like a storyline, in pixelart, fully costumizable characters and online functions. I'm a HUGE fan of the Super Smash-series, so I want to give this game an in-depth fighting system...
  18. chrys

    Free Red Ball Evolved - my second game

    Hello. This is my second game, made home :) It is a simple game for android, unfortunately only with 15 levels. Compared to the first game, I decided to make fewer levels and diversified, than many repetitive. I worked hard at it. So I appreciate any advice. I'm still a beginner, so be merciful...
  19. Shawn Basnett

    Forum Game The Great Adventure: Death of the Capitalist

    Hello, young traveler! I assume you're young. I also assume you're a traveler. The truth is, I have no Idea. This adventure is entirely undecided. You will take part in the story as it develops, so every decision you make, will greatly influence what happens! Firstly! What shall this...
  20. W

    Released Phantom Star II free for Android and windows

    Hello from Roadhammer Gaming! I entered a jam last weekend and created a fun game based on Phantasy Star, I put alot of time in trying to get a graphics system that is proportional and more uniform than in any of my other games, please check it out and any feedback would be greatly appreciated...