1. JayArnold

    Crystal Quest (AN ENDLESS 2D RPG Defense game) [HOW HIGH A LEVEL CAN YOU REACH?]

    I have been working on this project solo for about 4 years on and off, when Im not working as a big time music producer in Houston, TX. My vision for the game is grand and will include hundreds of enemies, weapons, and armor, as well as epic bosses to combat at high levels. This will be one of...
  2. taylor458

    Steam Cliché Adventure "Co-op open world ARPG"

    Wishlist on steam ---> Game info: Cliché Adventure is an open world top down adventure game. It can be played as single player, or with a friend. The game has five unique regions joined by a hub world. Each area contains an over world...
  3. John Bailey

    Steam Deep Rune [Puzzle/RPG]

    Screenshots: Deep Rune is a side-scrolling adventure game that seamlessly blends RPG mechanics and puzzle solving, all set in a mysterious world rooted in Norse mythology. Delve into the depths of an ancient underground ruin in search of the Deep Rune, a long-lost relic that is said to grant...
  4. H

    Free Buy Some Milk

    Gamejolt link link You wake up one morning and want to eat some cereal. BUT... YOU ARE OUT OF MILK!!! Now, your simple task to buy some milk starts. It shouldn't be that hard to buy some milk, right? Nothing weird should happen. It will be a nice, easy task, right? (Made this game...
  5. Seabass (The Human)

    Bring Me Hope - A game about passion, love, and loss

    Join our Discord server or follow us on Twitter for updates! Discord Steam Twitter Bring Me Hope is an adventure RPG with roguelike inspirations, drawing from other indie titles such as Risk of Rain and Enter The Gungeon. This is a story rich role playing experience with a nontraditional...
  6. WindCat

    Demo [2D RPG] INTERMONDE Final demo released!

    I released my game INTERMONDE - final demo / 2D Action Adventure RPG. I hope you really enjoy this game! # Description : In the gap between the underworld and the earth world, where the creatures coexist, the story of Pren begins.
  7. Repix

    Alpha -------------

  8. J

     The Ominous Tower

    Hi, I made this game with Gamemaker Studio 2. This is the first game I have made all the art for myself. I didn't think I could do the art until I tried. I also played around with music on and sound effects with The game is heavily influenced by a game called Tower of...
  9. CardinalCoder64

    POWERLESS CHAOS, the Game of Temptation (Devlog Stage)

    POWERLESS CHAOS is a 2D platformer where the game's difficulty is affected by temptation. It is primarily inspired by games like Super Metroid and Megaman X. You play as Delroy (Del for short), a young teen who had his family taken away from him during the apocalypse, and now he must fight the...
  10. Crask

    Released Neither Day nor Night - precision platformer

    Full game is available for PC. Check it out 🙂 Steam:
  11. John Bailey

    Released Holy Field [Action/RPG]

    Screenshots: Holy Field is an open-ended dungeon crawler RPG inspired by King's Field (From Software!). Explore a forsaken world while collecting various equipment & magic to battle terrifying undead creatures, all rendered in glorious low-res pixel art! Created for the 2020 LOWREZJAM. Peace...
  12. Repix

    Alpha Under Commando

    Download = Size = 3.13 MB Type = .zip Version = 0.1.0 (Alpha) Bonus Game with an actual goal.. get to the top! the Top
  13. Adhiesc

    Steam One True Cuddle - graduated from Early Access!

    ONE TRUE CUDDLE (Latest News) Come and play if you are interested~ One True Cuddle on STEAM Steam Description: A top-down platformer where you play as a rabbit that's kidnapped, to avoid all obstacles and find your way back to your owner. But... *something else is happening* SYNOPSIS...
  14. Neptune

    Alpha Close please.

    This is my game I've been making for quite some time (this is the 3rd year of development). I'm proud of it, and I think its pretty awesome!! :D I started with no development skills and began learning to code GML in this forum, so big thanks to a bunch of you that have helped me, or motivated...
  15. Red Phantom

    Free Door 12 - Social-Puzzle/Adventure

    Download Link - Gamejolt Please give feedback, all feedback appreciated. What Is This Game Door 12 is a social adventure game where you are an agent among bird-people that must discover what is behind Door 12. Door 12 is inspired by the game 'Through The Fragmentation' by Mate Pribelszky.
  16. John Bailey

    Free Unkingly: Survival Mode (Old)

    UNKINGLY: SURVIVAL MODE Genre: Action/RPG, Wave Survival Inspiration: King's Field, Dark Souls, Zelda. Overview: Unkingly is an old top-down adventure RPG project that I repurposed into a wave-based survival game for people to have fun with. Fight through infinite waves of enemies while...
  17. MMM

    Released Beyond Retrieval

    12 creators of our and the other world need help from Angels. Play as 3 angels that are just arrived in this mysterious world called Peklo, discover dark experiments done on the living and the souls of the dead, and save our world and Peklo from a destruction! - LORE - In the beginning, there...
  18. MMM

    Project: Unborn

    Project: Unborn is a reboot of my older game called White Wolf and it will consist of several episodes. The game will be available online, on Android (without ads or in-app purchases), and on Windows / Linux systems...
  19. orange08

    Windows McBean

    McBean is platform shooter game featuring 5 levels, 7 different weapons, and a few hidden secrets. Speedrunning is also possible(my own best time is built-in to the ending screen). The game is priced at $2 on also available on Game Jolt...
  20. ProjectGamesInc

    Find the Treasure : Our very first Steam game

    Hi guys! I'm here today to ask you a little bit of help if possible! (and some hint and opinion) We have released (me and one friend) a game on Steam, its our first indie/adventure game on that platform and we need a little bit of help to get visibility! Read the small description under here...