1. Repix

    Alpha Under Commando

    Game was wiped for some reason.. my sadness is immeasurable and my day is ruined. (But development will carry on) Download = Size = 3.13 MB Type = .zip Version = 0.12 Bonus Game with an actual goal.. get...
  2. Adhiesc

    Steam One True Cuddle (Early Release)

    ONE TRUE CUDDLE (Latest News) Come and play if you are interested~ * It's still on Early Release state though, so it will help a lot if you can try and give a feedback / review. Thanks before~! One True Cuddle on STEAM Steam Description: A top-down platformer where you play as a rabbit...
  3. Neptune

    Alpha A retro inspired RPG adventure and fantastical story.

    This is my game I've been making for quite some time (this is the 3rd year of development). I'm proud of it, and I think its pretty awesome!! :D I started with no development skills and began learning to code GML in this forum, so big thanks to a bunch of you that have helped me, or motivated...
  4. Red Phantom

    Free Door 12 - Social-Puzzle/Adventure

    Download Link - Gamejolt Please give feedback, all feedback appreciated. What Is This Game Door 12 is a social adventure game where you are an agent among bird-people that must discover what is behind Door 12. Door 12 is inspired by the game 'Through The Fragmentation' by Mate Pribelszky.
  5. John Bailey

    Free Unkingly: Survival Mode (Old)

    UNKINGLY: SURVIVAL MODE Genre: Action/RPG, Wave Survival Inspiration: King's Field, Dark Souls, Zelda. Overview: Unkingly is an old top-down adventure RPG project that I repurposed into a wave-based survival game for people to have fun with. Fight through infinite waves of enemies while...
  6. MMM

    Released Beyond Retrieval

    12 creators of our and the other world need help from Angels. Play as 3 angels that are just arrived in this mysterious world called Peklo, discover dark experiments done on the living and the souls of the dead, and save our world and Peklo from a destruction! - LORE - In the beginning, there...
  7. MMM

    Project: Unborn

    Project: Unborn is a reboot of my older game called White Wolf and it will consist of several episodes. The game will be available online, on Android (without ads or in-app purchases), and on Windows / Linux systems...
  8. orange08

    Windows McBean

    McBean is platform shooter game featuring 5 levels, 7 different weapons, and a few hidden secrets. Speedrunning is also possible(my own best time is built-in to the ending screen). The game is priced at $2 on also available on Game Jolt...
  9. ProjectGamesInc

    Find the Treasure : Our very first Steam game

    Hi guys! I'm here today to ask you a little bit of help if possible! (and some hint and opinion) We have released (me and one friend) a game on Steam, its our first indie/adventure game on that platform and we need a little bit of help to get visibility! Read the small description under here...
  10. John Bailey

    Released Myth Bearer [Adventure/RPG]

    Screenshots: Myth Bearer is an open world adventure RPG with puzzly elements. Actions taken during your journey are permanent - enemies don’t respawn, consumed items are forever gone, and story events have profound impacts on the world. Are you ready to brave a mysterious world full of danger...
  11. Liam Earles

    Free Smash Ringtail Cat 2: Dr. Glitcher's Revenge

    Dr. Glitcher is out for revenge, and he has an ultimate weapon codenamed: Binary. Smash Ringtail Cat and his friends must venture off to stop Dr. Glitcher and Binary from taking over the world! Follow Smash Ringtail Cat 2 Today! Available Now! There will be a New Trailer soon! Also, be Sure to...
  12. Crask

     Neither Day nor Night - bloody adventure platformer

    Hi, I want to share with you a teaser of the game I'm working on. It's also my first game I'm willing to release. At first I thought it would take me 1.5 year but after 4 years - here I am, hoping that 2020 will be the time of release. The Adventure of a girl trying to find her younger sister...
  13. Gandija

    Knights of xentar remake

    Hello, today i'm showing this 3d remake of knights of xentar. I'm planning change a lot from the original: -this will be an action game. -the erotic cutscenes will be less explicit. I hope you want to play this too.
  14. LittleAngel

    Windows Abha "Light on the Path"

    (made with Game Maker Studio 1.4) Experience a fantasy world and go on an initiation quest full of twists and turns. Find items, solve puzzles, and experience environments brimming with poetry. Abha « Light on the Path » is an old-school point-and-click adventure game. Experience a fantasy...
  15. mikix

    Released Warhead - A survival arpg.

    Hello all! Warhead was released 11th june and the Necromancer class got released yesterday as a free dlc. Warhead is about hacking and slashing your way through enemies and getting loot. The antagonist is a Lich Necromancer, making your enemies live again, and many worship him for getting to...
  16. Silb

    Windows The Legend of Hilda: Dimensions' Call You play the role of Albus, who gets trapped in the land of Miterra by a nebulous wizard. In order to return to your own world, you must explore this new land and locate magical relics of the ancients. A perilous journey begins... This game is a...
  17. Seabass (The Human)

    Released Duke of Defense [Unique Tower Defense]

    Store Page Discover a world brimming with humor, interesting characters, and adventure. Interact with overly observant villagers and egotistical wizards. You'll find yourself in a role more significant than a knight could ever dream of! Any true hero can call upon trusty companions in...
  18. K

    Free PyroPlunder, from weekly game jam #89

    You play as Private Pyro, lighting up buildings and stealing goods, traveling further into the depths of bustling cities. The goal of the game is to take as much money as possible, in all four cities of the game, Dawn, Drift, Drag, and Dusk. Several types of guards will come after you, all...
  19. Plisken

    Alpha Petal To The Metal

    Please consider playing and giving me feedback on the build! it's still in alpha so expect a lot of changes/additions! Demo is finally out! So after roughly 8 months of me working on and off with this game, I'm finally ready to release a playable demo! Release Trailer: page...
  20. Walky

    Steam Backpack Twins, a platformer with puzzle elements

    Playable demo available on Steam, and IndieDB Steam (please wishlist!): Humble Store: IndieDB...