1. H

    Android How i can add a ads banner for my game?

    Please tell me where to get a good reference on the Admob extension. This link "" nothing is clear, constantly when calling the banner, an error POPs up. But in GMS 1. X everything was simple and...
  2. F

    Reward Ads problem

    Hi again, i have another problem and now its reward ads. If i tap on object to show reward ad nothing is working! Here is output: 03-29 12:54:30.116 28074 28074 I Ads : This request is sent from a test device. 03-29 12:54:30.163 2822 29078 W Ads : App does not have the required...
  3. F

    Android ADS Error

    Hello again. I have problem with this error in output log: 03-25 19:39:12.177 2261 2732 W Ads : Invoke Firebase method getInstance error. 03-25 19:39:12.178 2261 2732 W Ads : The Google Mobile Ads SDK will not integrate with Firebase. Admob/Firebase integration requires the latest...
  4. Vinsane

    Android Need Urgent Help Ad Mob Integration. (Variables Not Working)

    Hi there guys! I'm trying to get ads working on my Game Maker 2 Project but for some reason the Variables are just blue instead of actually meaning something. Every time I try and follow the official gude for implementing Ad Mob...
  5. @

    Android App keeps storing cached ADs, stuffing phone's storage and causing crash

    Hey guys, I'm having a quite big issue with my Android app using IronSource extension. It is storing cached video ADs on a phone's storage and using more and more phone's storage, longer the app is running, causing the app to crash eventually. Is there a way to restrict how much GMS2 project...
  6. Marko03970

    Android Ads don't show when run the game

    Hi, I'm making ads in my game, and it is working test ads. But when I set false in GoogleMobileAds_UseTestAds, and when I run game on my phone, I can't see ads. What is the problem? I don't publish my game yet, I just created apk and downloaded it on the phone, is that a problem? Thanks
  7. Marko03970

    Android Android ads

    Hello everyone. Again, I have problems with implementing ads in my game. I tried with test ads and I'm getting this error: "Error while pinging URL....". Before it was working well, but now I'm getting this error. I updated all sdks in sdk manager but still don't work.
  8. J

    Android ads position & size problem

    How i can set ad here (red box) if i use tablet advert is good position but if i use phone I think ads use screen resolution and every phones is other size screen. What is easyest way to place ad here. I have normal banner in menu but i want use this room box ad ps. I use this site first...
  9. Narayan Lewandowski

    Android Google Consent form not working

    Hi all. Im finishing up my game. Using the Google play services I've already set up interstial and rewards ads succesfully and now I'm trying to get the consent form to show up. I think I'm following the included pdf manual correctly. Though nothing happens when I run it on my phone and it shows...
  10. SIG.

    iOS User is getting an ad that extends beyond the screen; I can't repro. Screenshot attached.

    A user has let me know that he's getting ads that extend beyond the screen, meaning he can't close them. I can't reproduce this issue. His screenshot is 1536x2048, which is exactly the same resolution as my iPad Air, but I don't get this problem (although I'm limited to test ads...). Now, I...
  11. Override_X

    Android AdMob experience and alternatives

    Hello GM community. Recently I purchased a mobile license. My hope was that I could get a return on that investment by developing ad supported games with in app purchases and releasing them on google play. However, I'm a bit frustrated, so forgive me if I rant slightly. I've released my...
  12. duran can

    Android admob error

    Hi, im using gms2 android my ads not working can anyone help please? 09-01 13:27:51.643 3113 3489 W Ads : Not retrying to fetch app settings 09-01 13:27:51.652 3113 3113 I Ads : This request is sent from a test device. 09-01 13:27:51.662 23359 2553 W Ads : Received error HTTP...
  13. M

    Ads in game

    Can please any one make a tutorial or tell me how to put ads in gamemaker studio 2 DnD after an action with admob or any other way
  14. S

    Disable Ads from Admob for Ingame Purchase Android

    .is there a function that disables all ads?
  15. G

    Distribution What should I set for AdMob eCPM floor for iOS and Android?

    I'm setting up AdMob and it allows me to set an eCPM floor. I have absolutely no idea what number to put here and am not having much luck googling around. I feel like if I don't set any floor then I'll get really lousy looking ads, if that makes sense. If my game has to have ads, at least let...
  16. B

    iOS [SOLVED] AdMob GDPR Consent Form Failing to Load

    I've been able to successfully integrate AdMob interstitial and rewarded ads into my iOS game; however, I am currently trying to add the AdMob Consent Form that comes with the Google Consent SDK but am, unfortunately, failing. I have followed this tutorial correctly (I think.....) and I am still...
  17. frekkanzer2

    Problem with ads - ad failed to load: 3

    Hello guys! I've finished a game for android and now i'm trying to add advertisements, particularly reward ads (yes, it's possible in gm lol). The code works, but when i test it gives me that error: "ad failed to load: 3" I'll share with you the problem given by the console. Please can anyone...
  18. Aver005

    Android How to do ADS on GMS 2 game?

    I don't understand anything. I read a bunch of articles and not one of them is not my case. In all articles we are talking about functions: GoogleMobileAds_Init and the like. I have them not at all. I that only did not do, however functions did not appear. Here's what I was able to pull from the...
  19. Stephane

    Android Some ads not playing on Android - just black screen.

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience. We have ad mediation with Google Admob and we have Chartboost, Unity ads, and Admob ads integrated. The problem appears to only happen with our rewards ads. Basically, about 10% (or less) of our reward ads show up as a black screen and...
  20. TinyGamesLab

    Android AdMob Implementation

    GM Version: 1.4 (2.0 uses the same code) Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: see video below Summary: This a quick tutorial teaching you how to set-up AdMob on your game maker studio in order to add some ads to your game. I'll teach you how to add banner, interstitial and rewarded video...