1. H

    Android / Amazon Fire How i can add a ads banner for my game?

    Please tell me where to get a good reference on the Admob extension. This link "" nothing is clear, constantly when calling the banner, an error POPs up. But in GMS 1. X everything was simple and...
  2. duran can

    Android / Amazon Fire How do I synchronize the admob banner position to the object?

    I guess because of the screen sizes, 50 pixels in the Admob is not equal to 50 pixels in the game. An object is x = 50; y = 50; when I say and advertise GoogleMobileAds_MoveBanner (50,50) when I set with, they don't stay in the same place. How can I show the ad in positions x, y where the...
  3. kammer_black

    Android / Amazon Fire AdMob Reward Video crashes before show up

    Good afternoon. I really need help. I've been trying to create a Reward video Ad in my game for 2 months and I can't. Nothing special: after the game over, the player click the button to watch the video and gain 15 XP'orbs. My code ---------- obj_admob (first object to load) - Game start -...
  4. F

    Reward Ads problem

    Hi again, i have another problem and now its reward ads. If i tap on object to show reward ad nothing is working! Here is output: 03-29 12:54:30.116 28074 28074 I Ads : This request is sent from a test device. 03-29 12:54:30.163 2822 29078 W Ads : App does not have the required...
  5. E

    I put an ad with admob but it gives an error

    11-23 17:49:35.157 10702 10921 W Ads : Not retrying to fetch app settings 11-23 17:49:35.187 2518 10892 W Ads : Received error HTTP response code: 400 11-23 17:49:35.191 10702 10702 I yoyo : Banner Ad onAdFailedToLoad 11-23 17:49:35.192 10702 10702 I Ads : Ad failed to load : 0...
  6. O

    Android / Amazon Fire I cant build Android with Admob Google Play Service

    Hello, I buid my game android export, but i add google play service and i write some come for admob banner, i cant built android export. My Game Option Android this option normaly work without google play services, my buid failed output "cmd" /c subst Z...
  7. SIG.

    iOS User is getting an ad that extends beyond the screen; I can't repro. Screenshot attached.

    A user has let me know that he's getting ads that extend beyond the screen, meaning he can't close them. I can't reproduce this issue. His screenshot is 1536x2048, which is exactly the same resolution as my iPad Air, but I don't get this problem (although I'm limited to test ads...). Now, I...
  8. C

    Discussion Rewarded ads implementation problem

    Hi guys, Im trying to implement ads from admob. I am following guide from GM sites, interstitial ads works, but rewarded ones not... I am not receiving callbacks in my asynchronious event, only "rewardedvideo_adloaded". So I am able to view this rewarded video, but others messages like...
  9. duran can

    Android / Amazon Fire admob error

    Hi, im using gms2 android my ads not working can anyone help please? 09-01 13:27:51.643 3113 3489 W Ads : Not retrying to fetch app settings 09-01 13:27:51.652 3113 3113 I Ads : This request is sent from a test device. 09-01 13:27:51.662 23359 2553 W Ads : Received error HTTP...
  10. WWAZman

    iOS Admob.h not found

  11. S

    Disable Ads from Admob for Ingame Purchase Android

    .is there a function that disables all ads?
  12. PixelPluto

    Implementing code for Google Admob

    These might be some stupid questions, but I haven't found an answer on them anywhere, and I'm just unsure about it. I implemented the code for Admob banner ads in my Android game as shown in the Google Mobile Ads setup, and everything works fine so far. Now I would like to build the final APK...
  13. G

    Distribution What should I set for AdMob eCPM floor for iOS and Android?

    I'm setting up AdMob and it allows me to set an eCPM floor. I have absolutely no idea what number to put here and am not having much luck googling around. I feel like if I don't set any floor then I'll get really lousy looking ads, if that makes sense. If my game has to have ads, at least let...
  14. nizar29

    Android / Amazon Fire ads not showing and show ad failed to load:3

    Ads not showing but Test ads shown properly and also request are made but no impression.Please help. cmd is show AD FAILED TO LOAD :3
  15. B

    iOS [SOLVED] AdMob GDPR Consent Form Failing to Load

    I've been able to successfully integrate AdMob interstitial and rewarded ads into my iOS game; however, I am currently trying to add the AdMob Consent Form that comes with the Google Consent SDK but am, unfortunately, failing. I have followed this tutorial correctly (I think.....) and I am still...
  16. C

    AdMob terrible fill rate issue

    Hi all Just curious to see if anyone else has had the same issue and any quick fixes? Not sure if this is the right forum for this query so sorry if that's the case. When I started using AdMob, it had a fill rate of 90-100% with 10 to 20 people testing. I'm now getting close to releasing the...
  17. TinyGamesLab

    Android / Amazon Fire AdMob Implementation

    GM Version: 1.4 (2.0 uses the same code) Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: see video below Summary: This a quick tutorial teaching you how to set-up AdMob on your game maker studio in order to add some ads to your game. I'll teach you how to add banner, interstitial and rewarded video...
  18. pipebkOT

    Android / Amazon Fire (admob rewarded ads) (help me)How to set up rewards after ad was watched?

    HI, I was setting up the google play extension (admob) in my project, everything is fine, the ads load fine, the rewarded video ads too, but i don't know to set up the rewards after the video has ended I was reading the article "iOS and Android: Google Mobile Ads Setup", and it says that after...
  19. K

    problem with admob ads

    Hi i am creating a game and want use more than one admobe ad unit from multi admob account . but the game shows only one ad , when i search for the reason i found that all the game is in ( one activity ) even if there are multi rooms ! how to create multi activities in game maker ? or how...
  20. D

    Android / Amazon Fire Android admob integration - YYC compile error

    Working to integrate admob following by following tutorial here I am testing on Android on my device and Ads show up fine when I use VM. However, when I try to compile using YYC, below error shows...