1. D

    How do i address a grid inside a grid ?

    i want to make a leaderboard for each of my levels so i made a grid stat stores leader boards ``` global.grid_levels = ds_grid_create(100,2); for(i=0;i<ds_grid_width(global.grid_levels);i++;) { ds_grid_set(global.grid_levels,i,0,ds_grid_create(4,11)); //how to address 2nd...
  2. B

    HTML5 How to test multiple clients?

    I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but how do I test multiple clients on my PC? Is it correct to simply additional multiple tabs pointed to the same localhost address and port?
  3. 2

    Question - Uploading Is Company Needed to Sell Assets? -Company Address in Payment Field-

    I've got 2 questions on becoming a marketplace publisher. They have to do with the Company Address Field in the screenshot of the page below. Do you have to own a company to sell assets of the marketplace? What should I put in the Company Address field assuming I don't need a company to sell...
  4. Pfap

    [SOLVED]http ip address stored in variable?

    I thought I read somewhere that with the http functions you want to use the actual string and not a variable holding the string. Is this more correct: http_get(""); than this: my_address = ""; http_get(my_address); Is there any reason you would not...
  5. Simon Gust

    Legacy GM Resource addresses [SOLVED]

    I'm in the making of a custom room editor and I've broken my head over how I want to enlist, place and save/load resources (sprites, objects). I used to save the index of the resource. That plan was bad as if I restructure my resource tree it would swap out sprites. The new plan is to use the...
  6. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Can't connect to (new type) IP address?

    I have set up a network connection. The game runs when setting IP adress to the one that the server is running on, but when running the client and entering the. The new IP address format is what I'm getting, but the old format is indicated as something that doesn't work either. Is there some...
  7. W

    Problem addressing obj inside another obj

    Guys im making a cut-scene with 3 characters in it. I have a script that creates an obj_text with a text box and some animation. The problem now is that i want to fast forward the animation of only the textBox that is appearing on the screen. For that i´m doing another script that will receive...
  8. mafon2

    Legacy GM To address one of the many

    Ok, I'm sure it's trivial thing many of you struggled with. I'd like to make a block that crumbles, when contacting fallin player or special block. Here's the code: if (place_meeting(x,y-Movable_block.speedY,Movable_block)) { instance_destroy(); } As you can see, it affects all of...