1. M

    GMS 2 Not adding XP.

    I am trying to add XP when I kill an enemy but it's stuck at 20.
  2. zbox

    Asset - Scripts Big Numbers

    Marketplace: Category: Scripts Price: $1.99 FREE Modules: All Description: A set of scripts that allows you to store huge non-negative (to be added) numbers accurately in any base (Cookie clicker style games for example). Gamemaker's...
  3. EndermanTamer13

    Beta Monster of the Sum v1.1.4

    Monster of the Sum v1.1.4 Description Monster of the Sum is a game where you fight monsters made of numbers. To defeat a monster, you must type in the correct sum of all of its numbers, then hit enter. This may seem very simple, but in later rounds it can be very challenging. The game consists...