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  1. A

    Asset - Extension Any AD extensions that are ACTUALLY up to date please?

    I can't seem to find any ad provided extensions (like the GooglePlayServicesExtension) that are actually up to date and working. So please if anyone is using an ad extension that is currently working AND is up to date I would very much appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. A

    Asset - Extension Any working ad extensions please

    There has to be an ad extension for any ad provider that is up to date with the recent SDK update. Since mine keeps giving me Lint error codes that aren't even relevant because I have tried there solutions multiple times but keep getting the same error. These errors are 100% this ad extension's...
  3. RyanC

    Reward Videos

    Hi All, I'm currently integrating adds into my game and was wondering if anyone knows a good way to deliver rewards for videos? I have already setup AdColony and successfully rewarded the user with gems for watching a video but I've been told that AdColony has a bad filrate for apps that are...
  4. RyanC

    Displaying ads without an internet connection

    Hi all, I've recently started monetizing my game using AdMob with the Google Play Services ext from Yoyo Games. I'll also be using mediation on Admob to include other add networks like AdColony, as this way I can include reward videos even though the ext does not directly support them through...
  5. C

    AdColony Functions

    Hello, Is there any AdColony documentation aside from this? I've initialized video ads, called them, but do not understand how to detect video completion. Does it work within asynchronous events?
  6. mootaz azaiez

    What is the best Ad provider ?

    Hi , i want to know what you guys Prefere between Adcolony,MoPub,Chaartboost and the rest ? thank you for your time !
  7. G

    GML AdColony Using Multiple Zones

    In my app I have two different places for rewarded video ads, and therefore two different zones registered under AdColony. I'm wondering how I should go about implementing this, because the AdColony_Init() function can only take one zone. I doubt it that this AdColony extension would be so...
  8. ShubhamBansod

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced [13 years] GML programmer available for hire

    Hi, I'm Shubham Bansod, and I'm from India. I'm using Game Maker Studio for the last 13 years, I have made a lot of games using game maker studio! If you are looking for an expert game maker programmer who had a lot of experience, can create a great game you can contact me! I love to work on...
  9. R

    Ads not showing

    Hello! I'm am new to the GM forum so I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong category. For the last couple of days I've been trying to implement ads in my game but I just can't. I've followed the Official yoyo tutorial but they just won't show up. [The testing has not been done in debugging, I...
  10. J

    Legacy GM Show ad after certain amount?

    Anyone know how I can get the ad to show every 3 gameovers, it is set for every time the player dies, but that can get annoying so I want it to be after every 3rd time. Im using adcolony if that matters.
  11. S

    Adcolony ads not working all time

    Hello everyone, I have just question about how adcolony works. Everything works fine. But for some days ads was not showing. I dont know if adcolony got some problem but i wasnt changing anything in my app. And yesterday a find out none of my apps got ads working. And again I havent done...
  12. M

    Android Wich permission need?

    hi. Wich permissions i need to adcolony and admob? More specific: i need "write external storage" for interstitials? . I dont know why have 60-80% match rate with interstitials and 99% with banners.
  13. breakmt

    AdColony. Do I need Google Play Services?

    Hello, guys. I have a question about AdColony integration. I have read in AdColony's github wiki: And my question is -- do I need to add Google Play Services extenstion in my project? And if so, do I need call Init or do some other things? And one more thing. Do you use...
  14. D

    AdColony - SDK integation

    Hey, I have completed this tutorial http://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216754578-Ads-AdColony-v1-3- But I have a problem with SDK AdColony library integration. I followed this guide https://github.com/AdColony/AdColony-Android-SDK-3/wiki/Project-Setup - I used files in Game maker...
  15. S

    iOS When an interstetial adcolony ad appears, the game sounds don't stop

    Hi, I've noticed that the game sound continue normally even when an adcolony ad appears, which is annoying as two sounds are playing together. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks for advance.
  16. ShubhamBansod

    Update AdColony And AdMob Extensions

    Hey, I am using this two ad Providers in my game. AdMob AdMob gives Interstitial ads and banner ads . When I Use Test Ads ,Both Works Fine But When I disable Test Ads ..Interstitial works fine but Banner doesn't shows up. I think the problem is AdMob SDK. Please Update It !! AdColony From...
  17. ShubhamBansod

    Android AdColony:How to remove default popup Message

    Hey There; As Title Says, Is there a way i can play ad using my custom message .. I am talking about V4VC video ads; Default message is good but when user finished watching the ad the game starts itself in background (async event i know) so i want it to be more controlled. Thanks,
  18. J

    AdColony has the player watched entire ad

    Hi guys. If anyone of you is using AdColony can you explain me how to check has player watched entire video, for example if they have watched entire video they get 10 gold or something like that. Video is Interstitial (is that a problem). Tnx