1. LCN

    Steam DEEP SPACE ANOMALY + FREE DLC [ Shoot 'Em Up with amazing sound ]

    Hello, dear GameMaker Community members.;) First a few words off-topic: My work was never connected with the development of games, but I always wanted to try my hand at this difficult matter, which has now become my favorite hobby. I participated in the development of a few games in GameMaker...
  2. R

    GML Trying out an idea in GameMaker

    Hello everyone! I had an idea these days and I'd like to know if it's possible to implement it in GameMaker. Let's say I have an object, like a square, and other objects, similar to blocks. Each of those blocks would contain actions, like walk, jump, attack, etc. My ideia is to put those...
  3. B

    Drag And Drop Guidance for gamepad use (GMS 2)

    Hi, Can anyone refer me to some guidance on how to use a gamepad (Xbox One controller to be exact) in drag & drop? I'm going through the Your First Game tutorial and I'd like to use the gamepad instead of mouse and keyboard but I really don't know where to start. I have looked at the...
  4. Fixer90

    Built-in Action to Code? (SOLVED)

    We're all no-doubt familiar with those wonderful actions we use in just about every object we put in our games: Now, I know most - if not all - of these actions have an equivalence in coding (which can be inputted in a basic Code action). But I must ask, what are they? Is there some kind of...
  5. S

    Legacy GM "Programmable" objects

    Hey everyone, I have this idea to make objects programmable by the player. This would mean that the player could decide to change the behavior of their bots by specifying conditions and actions and maybe even variables. For example: the player would assemble code like: if (enemy in range) {...