1. L

    Legacy GM Weapon switching with 4 sprites

    I'm creating an action RPG game with weapon switching. And I'm wondering how to quickly and effectively create a way for each weapon to match each direction the characters facing once there switched. For example if I switch from a hand gun to an SMG I want it to carry over for all 4 sprites...
  2. NetoX

    Windows Madrobot-X Old School Pixel Art Shmup (Free Keys)

    MadRobot X finally comes to PC Description: MadRobot is a old school shoot 'em up game. You control a robot trying to escape from the laboratory of a mad scientist, for this you have the help of GoboGobo another robot which also wants to escape. The task is...
  3. B

    Pencils and Robot

    Pre-Alpha v0.11 for Windows is available for download: Basically, just keep the little robot's battery charged, destroy enemies and avoid obstacles, and survive as long as possible. Controls: JUMP - press space bar JETPACK -...
  4. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows The Sky Is No Limit - v0.3.1

    The Sky Is No Limit What is this about? This thread is a dev-log about my current work in progress, which I hope will be finished (or at least in a stable version) by the start of september 2016. Anything italicized here is a work in progress and won't be included in the game until a future...
  5. CreativeJon90

    Job Offer - General Looking for a GM programmer and pixel artist [Rev share or paid] (programmer found)

    Hello everyone my name is CretiveJon90, Myself and others are working on a pixel project called Bounty Episode One. Link to FB page here----> Sprites and assets are still being created. I am looking for a programmer and a...
  6. Nodamex

    Free Guardian's Oath RPG

    I hope you can try and support my game on Steam Workshop. It is a complete 2D Action RPG. If you like this kind of RPG you may enjoy this game. It is an Action RPG. It is completed, but it will be developed further. Features: 1) Stats (Agility, Strength, Vitality...) 2) Bosses 3) Quest &...
  7. Imogia Games

    L O V O S - 2D Action Platformer

    Hi everyone! I have been so busy working on my games lately that I didn't took th etime to post on the brand new forums... Here I would like to introduce to you fellow companions, the next Game I'm working on, L O V O S. It is a basic action platformer with some classic gameplay. A playable...
  8. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows Fungus wars: a 2-players action:strategy game

    So this is a game that I created back when the yoyogames sandbox was still a thing and when I was maybe 12 years old. Do to popular request,I just spent the entire morning converting it to GM:studio and good lord did I code like a monkey back then. So much Drag&Drop everywhere! I hope you will...
  9. H

    Windows I'm making my first game what do you guys think.

    I am working on my first game on Game Maker and I want you guys to see what it has turned out to be like. I have not been working with Game Maker for long about 2 weeks now and I wanted to create a game so I can get use to what all the events and all the buttons do on the game. But this is how...
  10. Mario Parmesan

    Portfolio - Audio Fantasy / Action Orchestral Music

    Hey guys, I'm Mario and I'm looking for new opportunities to collaborate with game developers and such through music. I'm very new to collaboration and haven't been involved in anything yet but I have composed a few things to give an idea of what I'm capable of. Preferably I like to compose...
  11. Cpaz

    Alpha Fast Action Heroine: A platformer with explosions (v0.3a)

    Hello world!!! Today, I repost a project I worked on for a while and may return to at some point... Fast Action Heroine. A game about quick reactions as well as some explosions. Controls: IJKL: movement. Z: Sword. C: Gun. Can also be played with a gamepad in an Xbox configuration. Recent...
  12. V

    Alpha Alter Army: An awesome 2D action-adventure platformer

    Hello everyone, Vague Pixels here! It seems a little bit weird when you see "Vague Pixels", may you think, "What on earth is that!?", so, I am here to solve your that question, and give a good and long description about us!! (it's not too long btw... ;)) So, what is "Vague Pixels"? A...
  13. Repix

    Alpha Battlerun [Simplistic Side-scrolling RPG]

    Download: Size: 2.13MB Version: 0.03 Attack Chests to get ITEMS, AMMO and UPGRADES!
  14. M

    Portfolio - Audio Dark, action, military soundtracks

    Hi! I am little-known composer, but working hard. Here some of my new works that may be useful for epic, military and grim scenes. If this is interesting you please let me know. Many thanks in advance.
  15. silkwormsweatshop

     KICKSTARTER is LIVE!! The Wizard and The Slug - Story platformer

    Website: Hi guys! I'm Silkworm Sweatshop developer of The Wizard and The Slug (formerly Pools of Creation). The Wizard and The Slug is a story-rich 2D action platformer with plenty of humor. You play as a Slug who joins a mysterious Wizard on a rescue mission. The Wizard...
  16. L

    Android Soccer Of Legends

    Hello, I finished my first game for Android: Link: Video: Soccer Legends of the newest Google Play football Manager, inspired by New Star Soccer and brasfoot. - 3 leagues (Brazilian, English and Spanish) with 4...
  17. S

    Steam Chronicon - Hack'n'slash Action RPG [Now with Gifs!]

    Hey guys! So I've been working on this game for some time now.. well, over 2 years actually. I figured I'd start some kind of devlog and show what I'm doing on here. Updates will likely be quite irregular, though! It's out on Steam Early Access if you want to take a closer look. Anyway, here's...
  18. HighlandCoo

    Alpha UPDATED 12/09 - DYING ENGINE!

    You are an alien AI, on a thousand year mission to retrieve the lost power crystals that will save your creators. Controls are explained in the in-game tutorial. I'm really keen to get some feedback, but the main thing is that you enjoy yourselves. The game just loops endlessly, you cannot win...
  19. Cpaz

     ARANA (V0.9: The "Wow" Factor)- A Top-Down Hack 'N Slash Shooter

    (V0.9 Pre-Alpha) ARANA is a top-down, hack 'n slash attempting to recreate the addictive-ness that I experience with many games today. Each character has their own Primary and Secondary attacks, as well as stats. You have two meters, an hp meter, and stamana meter. The stamina meter acts as a...
  20. MMM

    Windows Ever-Growing

    Download levels, Make levels, Play levels! Platform: Windows Genre: Platformer / Creator Engine: Game Maker 8 Release date: TBA Make your own stage, set of stages or even entire platform type of game with a story! Game will be updated with new levels by me at least once a month. Your...