1. Alivesoft

    Windows Animal Quest - Action Strategy

    Name: Animal Quest - Forest Survival Genre: Action Strategy Adventure Platform: Windows PC and HTML5 Current State: Beta Version 0.970 [Updated] Release Target Date: October 2020 Publisher: Alivesoft Game Design: Bill Dedes Download latest Windows executable (zipped) Play the HTML5 demo...
  2. Brodie

    Alpha There Will Be Ink - Tactical Shooter - Alpha 5.0 Release

    Hello there! I've released a new build for There Will Be Ink, a difficult tactical shooter for 1-4 players. Play solo or with/against friends in battles between stick figure armies drawn on a paper notepad, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! Check out the game in...
  3. Silb

    Windows The Legend of Hilda: Dimensions' Call You play the role of Albus, who gets trapped in the land of Miterra by a nebulous wizard. In order to return to your own world, you must explore this new land and locate magical relics of the ancients. A perilous journey begins... This game is a...
  4. zielok

    Android Pirate knives

    Hi, Here you are my new game for Android (iOS version will be available in few days) GooglePlay link Throw pirate knife to trunk. Slash a fruits! Complete unlimited number of levels. Game features: - many knife to unlock - super graphics - one finger gameplay - good for 5 minutes or hours -...
  5. Brodie

    Alpha There Will Be Ink - Tactical Action Shooter w. Local Co-op

    Hello there! There Will Be Ink is a tactical action game for 1-4 players. Play solo or with friends in 4 player battles between stick figure armies on a paper notepad, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! Here is a short trailer showing some gameplay: Features...
  6. K

    Free PyroPlunder, from weekly game jam #89

    You play as Private Pyro, lighting up buildings and stealing goods, traveling further into the depths of bustling cities. The goal of the game is to take as much money as possible, in all four cities of the game, Dawn, Drift, Drag, and Dusk. Several types of guards will come after you, all...
  7. Uncorrupted Games

    Windows Project Cherry [Now Available on]

    Fasted Paced, action game about one thing… Cherries! Collect All of them, don’t ask why, don’t even ask for what! Also try not to die, everything wants to kill you besides the cherries. Will you be strong enough to survive as long as needed to collect all the cherries and save the world? Or...
  8. S

    Windows Ninja Power Slasher

    Hi I made my first game with game maker. you can see the trailer here: Screenshots:
  9. Jihl

    Windows Two Souls - An online action RPG

    Hey there fellow members! :) Today I will show you a project we have been developing for the past 5 months with a friend of mine, We are a programmer and an artist. The game is named Two Souls and is heavily inspired in Ragnarok and Tibia. Also the GM community has helped me greatly working on...
  10. Lhargo

    Windows Odium Arena (online game) This is a game I have been developing for around 1 month (from time of posting ) now and its finally at the point where I have something to show. The idea behind The game was to have sort of like a battle royale similar to...
  11. Lambda01

     _Reboot / A-RPG project !

    Hello, im starting to make a 2d action rpg, i want to make more of a story driven game. this not my first project, but its the first were i want to take time to polish it. _Reboot The game will go around 2 elements, the real world, and the Animabus. *What i've already made The...
  12. Sammi3

    Rhythm of War

    Download Rhythm of War is an Action Platformer demo I made to learn how to develop a rhythm game. Shoot, slash and dash past your enemies.Shooting is tied to the rhythm of the game. The more on beat you are when you shoot, the more accurate the aim. Enemies move to the rhythm of the beat. Sneak...
  13. IGameArt

    Steam Starr Mazer DSP: 30% off on Steam!

    WELCOME TO THE GREAT WAR. The UNFP's been kicked in the teeth by a G'ell invasion force and humanity's last hope is its fleet of experimental DSP MkI Forward Assault Fighters and anyone marshall enough to strap in and forcefully accept some apologies. Luckily this planet's full of all kinds of...
  14. ReidDC

    Wiz-Fantastical: A 2D Platformer with Metroidvania elements

    Hello Hello everyone, Welcome to Wiz-fantastical, a game about saving your pet dog from an Evil Wizard. Simple, yet a bit more complex then this. The game mostly focuses on jumping, dodging, collecting, and of course, casting magic spells you find through out the world. The goal is simple, I...
  15. G

    Henry ( ▪ _ ▪ ) Top Down 360° Action/Adventure Pixelart Weirdness

    Follow Henry (and me) on Twitter: I've been working on this for a few weeks now between music commissions, and it's going well enough that I'm ready to show off some very early progress. The art above is all my work, but I've used some cc0 assets as...
  16. R

    Dread Quest Arena - beta version

    Upcoming update announcement Dread Quest Arena Project will be updated in early/mid January. The project will most likely be renamed to fit the new scope. As such you can expect big changes, campaign mode, new worlds to explore, new enemies, skills system rework and mechanics improvements...
  17. L

    Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day

    JSBJD is in development. No playable build as of now. JSBJD is a parody of American culture and politics. This is definitely not propaganda created by boomers who have just discovered the internet and GM. Official Website: [LINK REMOVED]
  18. Liam Earles

    Free Smash Ringtail Cat

    Smash Ringtail Cat is a game inspired by an animal species some people never heard of before, and takes inspiration to 80's and 90's video games. An evil scientist known as Dr. Glitcher has a plan to glitch up the entire planet with his multiple ultimate weapons, with one that would glitch up...
  19. PrismaticRealms

    Asset - Extension PRAction: Take your tweening to the next level with this full featured action system.

    Greetings everyone! My company, Prismatic Realms Inc. and I would like to introduce a new extension just released on the marketplace! It's called PRAction. This extension will save you tons of time and greatly reduce your code line count when programming any sort of animations such as those...
  20. IGameArt

    Rexx Stone: Doomlike 3D FPS

    Take control of Sergeant Rexx Stone as he blazes through hordes of aliens hell bent on the total annihilation of The Milky Way galaxy! A dash of Doom, with a pinch of Duke Nukem, a light sprinkling of Blake Stone, and baked at 420 degrees for 66 hours and 6 minutes while Kung Fury plays on...