1. Alaska Minds

    Windows Blac Demu (Action RPG - Hack and Slash)

    Hello All. I've created a project game named "Blac Demu." It is an action RPG that starts with a character named "Shadow-Man," that has been cast into Hell. You meet a gatekeeper and enter a portal into the underworld where you encounter the souls of the damned.... The rest has yet to come...
  2. MilkMan5x

    CRIKEYMAS - 2D platformer hammer action game

    One of my magnum opus about swinging around your hammer through the Santa's old abandoned lair... (YEAH HAMMERTIME™) Backstory About the game (Footage demonstrating the combat system, From earlier build) (Footage demonstrating the combat system, From current, up-to-date build)...
  3. Invisible hand corp

    GALACTIVORE - 2D Retro action-platformer

    GALACTIVORE is a 2D retro action-platformer I´ve been working on sporadically since 2013. The game is set in the year 2068. You play a lone traveller that get caught up in the biggest conflict of the galaxy. The current version features four levels, three boss fights and and four additional...
  4. mrredleg0

    Blocks Keep. (Early development devlog)

    Hey everyone! Blocks keep is a fast paced action platformer strategy defense game I am developing in Gamemaker Studio 2. You play as a noble knight who has to build a fort to defend himself from waves of enemies. Check out the devlog on!
  5. mrredleg0

    Blocks Keep. (Early development devlog)

    Hey everyone! Blocks keep is a fast paced action platformer strategy defense game I am developing in Gamemaker Studio 2. You play as a noble knight who has to build a fort to defend himself from waves of enemies. Screenshot: Check out the devlog on
  6. John Bailey

    Free Unkingly: Survival Mode (Old)

    UNKINGLY: SURVIVAL MODE Genre: Action/RPG, Wave Survival Inspiration: King's Field, Dark Souls, Zelda. Overview: Unkingly is an old top-down adventure RPG project that I repurposed into a wave-based survival game for people to have fun with. Fight through infinite waves of enemies while...
  7. MMM

    Released Beyond Retrieval

    12 creators of our and the other world need help from Angels. Play as 3 angels that are just arrived in this mysterious world called Peklo, discover dark experiments done on the living and the souls of the dead, and save our world and Peklo from a destruction! - LORE - In the beginning, there...
  8. orange08

    Windows McBean

    McBean is platform shooter game featuring 5 levels, 7 different weapons, and a few hidden secrets. Speedrunning is also possible(my own best time is built-in to the ending screen). The game is priced at $2 on also available on Game Jolt...
  9. NewHopeGames

    Android D-Day Gunner FREE (50k+ downloads)

    Hi everyone, this game is by no means new but it's been extensively updated the past few years. It caused a lot of controversy off and on through the years because many did not like the fact that it was Germans vs Allies and the player is on the German side. It's a game about defending your...
  10. 2Bad Games

    Windows BRUTAL RAGE - 2D Beat them up - Demo available - XboxOne / Ps4 / Switch / PC

    Hello everybody I'm Tony from 2BAD GAMES, I'm working on my new game BRUTAL RAGE so I would like to show you the game if you have any feedback, questions do not hesitate ! Demo is available on Gamejolt, Indiedb & itchio ! :D DEMO LINKS Gamejolt link InideDB link link GAMEPLAY BRUTAL...
  11. Raonak

    Android DOT Debugger - Stealth/Action (PC & Android)

    Hello everybody. Over the last few years, i've been working on a simple stealth game focused around a black square that can blend into walls by standing next to them. Sorta inspired by my love of MGS. DOT as a stealth-action game about a black square that can hide by standing next to...
  12. James Cantu

    TrashBlaster Saga

    Good day, I am an aspiring game dude, who wants to make games for other game dudes, and dud-ets or pand-ets; whichever 'det you like to identify! In Trash-Blaster, you are essentially a space custodian who cleans up the mess left behind by corporations throughout the galaxy. It is a very simple...
  13. Brodie

    Steam There Will Be Ink - Out Now On Steam Early Access!

    Hey there folks! My first commercial release, There Will Be Ink, is now out on Steam Early Access! Check out the EA release trailer here: TWBI seeks to emulate battles between stick figure armies doodled on a lined paper notepad, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying...
  14. Liam Earles

    Free Smash Ringtail Cat 2: Dr. Glitcher's Revenge

    Dr. Glitcher is out for revenge, and he has an ultimate weapon codenamed: Binary. Smash Ringtail Cat and his friends must venture off to stop Dr. Glitcher and Binary from taking over the world! Follow Smash Ringtail Cat 2 Today! Available Now! There will be a New Trailer soon! Also, be Sure to...
  15. pixeltroid

    Free Citadel Stormer: Mini Action Platformer

    Hi all. I'd like to present my Gameboy-esque platformer game "Citadel Stormer" -- my very first release! I originally made this for the 34th GMC gamejam (Aug 22-26, 2019). But after the jam, I decided to fine-tune and balance it, add some new features and re-release it. Because, why not? :)...
  16. S

    Alpha Vandeity - Hack n Slash

    Name: Vandeity Genre: Action-Adventure, Hack n Slash Platform: Windows Current State: Alpha To translate a certain 3D series into 2D is the objective. Developer Notes This is my first large scale game and I don't consider myself a programmer, I've just used Game Maker since I was in my...
  17. Zubaran

    Demo Gamut (action, platforms & paint)

    Gamut is an action platforming game in the vein of Ninja Gaiden, Oniken or Castlevania. It's an arcade game rewarding good reflexes and dexterity. DEMO DOWNLOAD To reach the end of a level in Gamut, you will have to navigate between platforms and fight ennemis. You control a character...
  18. U

    iOS KATAPLAK! - A free minimalist action game

    Hello everyone! This is my first game ever released using Game Maker, I hope you will enjoy it. The concept is simple: you play as a box and you have to get to the goal to clear the level. There are 45 levels in total and you can beat the levels in different ways to get badges. It's available...
  19. MIchael PS

    Free UNLOADED - a shooter-with-a-twist

    Alright, So, after a tight-timed and difficult weekend, we are proud to present UNLOADED, an action, shooter-but-with-a-twist game made exclusively in 48 hours for GMTK Jam. Why don't you go there to rate not only our game but all the awesome games on the Jam. Good luck to everyone who...
  20. JasonTomLee

    (Unnamed) Stick-Fight Platformer Game

    I thought It'd be a good idea to start this thread before any major updates. I'll be posting ONLY the most notable updates from Twitter. About This game is a 2D Platformer game focused on quick combat and movement to combo with the things around you. It'd prefer for it to be on the...