1. Liam Earles

    Opera GX Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator - Available on GXC!

    Don't play around with the glitches, be the ultimate glitch annihilator! Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator is available to download for FREE today! Only on Windows and macOS. Game Description: Don't Play Around With The Glitches, Be The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Smash...
  2. FelipeSan

    Steam Ninshi Masuta [Action]

    Ninshi Masuta is a 2D single player action game that have a classic gameplay inspired from arcade games from 80s and 90s like Shinobi, Rolling Thunder and E-Swat. One aspect that i worked a lot is to have score and time leaderboards on all stages, i am a player that love challenges and the...
  3. ELV Games

    Free Hellcraze - Top-down Bullethell

    This is the first game I've released with GMS2! It's a top-down bullethell that features 20 different levels and 5 different bosses! There is multiple upgrades to help you while killing the demons! trailer video: screenshots: Steam page: Hellcraze Steam Thank you and hope you have fun!
  4. CodeManu

    Steam Guts 'N Goals - Soccer + Weapons

    This isn't your standard game of soccer. This is Guts 'N Goals, where soccer balls can be hockey pucks, and you use a bat instead of your feet to score goals. Choose from over 30 unique heroes and get ready to play the world’s game like never before! > Wishlist/Get it on Steam...
  5. IgnacioG

     THE SHAMROCK RANGER demo on (first public version) - [2D Action/Platformer]

    Hi everyone, the first public version of my solo project "The shamrock ranger" is out. TSR is a action/platformer with rogue-like elements, where you get evaluated every time you complete a stage, and, if you have the requirements you unlock new abilities! but remember, you can't recover...
  6. Kultisti

    Free Onward Blocks

    Onward Blocks out-block your enemies and solve their challenges to claim victory! [ play it here ]
  7. 2Bad Games


    Hello everybody I'm Tony from 2BAD GAMES, After the launch of 2URVIVE & BRUTAL RAGE on consoles I'm working on my new game BROKEN MIND so I would like to show you the game. I've started the game on GMS 1.4 in 2018 as side of my other games. This is the first real game I've made in 3D with Game...
  8. Kultisti

    Free Underneath

    Underneath Position your pistol well to survive hazards of this mysterious temple. Find your way to what's down below and witness the true power of what's underneath. [ play it here ]
  9. MMM

    Code: Creation - White Wolf 3

    - INFO - Genre: Action Platformer Platforms: Windows, Linux Language: English, Serbian - ABOUT - White Wolf 3 is a sequel to White Wolf 1 and Code: Evolved (both games can be found on Go through three chapters (linear...
  10. Seabass (The Human)

    Bring Me Hope - A game about passion, love, and loss

    Join our Discord server or follow us on Twitter for updates! Discord Steam Twitter Bring Me Hope is an adventure RPG with roguelike inspirations, drawing from other indie titles such as Risk of Rain and Enter The Gungeon. This is a story rich role playing experience with a nontraditional...
  11. Z

    Team Request Primary Programmer for Scifi Action/RPG

    Wanted: Primary Programmer/Games Designer Have: Hello! I'm Zachary Andrews. I'm an artist, Games Designer. ( and in the past; tattooist, musician, miniature painter 😆 ) I've shipped one game previous. "Nation Breakers: Steam Arena". This project is myself on art, sound design and writing. And...
  12. Z

     That Grim Bleak Australian Action RPG I'll Die Making - EVICTION

    **I started this thread in game development but more appropriate here, re-post apologies** Hey Everyone! my names Zach. I'm starting a dev thread for my second game "Eviction" I'm the writer and artist, you can check out my last game "Nation Breakers: Steam Arena" (Made in GMS2-Google or...
  13. PrismaticRealms

    Asset - Objects PRAction: More than just a set of tweening functions, this is a fully featured action system.

    40% FOR A LIMITED TIME Available on the YoYo Games Marketplace and on Requires GameMaker Studio 2 v2.3 and up. PRAction is a GameMaker Studio 2 (GMS) module created by Prismatic Realms, Inc. It is an action/animation system that is similar to a tweening system, but is so much more...
  14. WindCat

    Demo [2D RPG] INTERMONDE Final demo released!

    I released my game INTERMONDE - final demo / 2D Action Adventure RPG. I hope you really enjoy this game! # Description : In the gap between the underworld and the earth world, where the creatures coexist, the story of Pren begins.
  15. Repix

    Alpha -------------

  16. giraffeman210

    Demo Pandaland - Action RPG

    We finally have a demo released for Pandaland! Pandaland is an colorful action/rpg where you battle enemies and collect items to increase your stats! Try out the level and let us know what you think! Here is the link below: Planned Features...
  17. MeltingCat

    Demo 'Dap' - a horror action adventure

    We have released a short demo of our work in progress. 'Dap' is a horror action adventure. To progress you must fight through darkness to find other Daps, travel with them and overcome a dangerous infected world. Currently there is about 30-40 minutes of...
  18. Brodie

    Beta There Will Be Ink – Beta 5.0 – Major Update, Roadmap, & Giveaway

    Hey There! I've just released a major update for my game, There Will Be Ink, a difficult, tactical action game for 1-8 players in which stick figure armies battle it out on a lined paper notebook, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! The update includes a new...
  19. K12gamer

    Windows ABC Action Games

    Action packed arcade style games to help children learn the Alphabet. Windows 10 Demo Microsoft App Store Link Windows 10 Full Version Microsoft App Store Link HTML 5 Version: LINK Windows XP,Vista, 7 and 8 Demo Link 1. Unlimited FREE play with NO ads 2. Retro style arcade action 3. Complete...
  20. Nodamex

    Released Physics-based RPG, Lufulus' Creatures is on Steam!

    Lufulus' Creatures My long-term project, Lufulus' Creatures, is now fully released. You can play it on Steam. I really want to know your advice and comments about the game. I'll share some useful code from the project. Thank you all, for your help. Screenshots Game Features 25+ Quests, 200+...