action platformer

  1. Liam Earles

    Demo Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator - New & Improved (WIP) Demo

    Don't Play Around With The Glitches, Be The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Smash Ringtail Cat's FIRST ADVENTURE has got Remade, Reworked, and Re-Imagined! An evil scientist known as Dr. Glitcher has a plan to glitch up the entire planet with his multiple ultimate weapons, with one that would...

    Demo Dynasty Rush (alpha) [Seeking feedback/Advice] | Android APK

    Hello GameMaker Community, After a few months of hard work, here is my first attempt on making my first commercial project. Being worked on Solely by me, for now it presents cheap illustrations and other minor issues. But what I am looking for is not for a bug report or what could look better...
  3. B

    Free I Am The King: My first project out now for Windows

    Watch the trailer: I Am The King is a 2D side-scrolling action game with flashy combos and over the top combat. Switch weapons and special moves on the fly to create your own custom stylish combos. Customizing your controls before diving in is strongly suggested! Check it out for free here...
  4. D

    Demo Overload Hazard - Action Platformer

    DOWNLOAD: Gamejolt Hi there, my name is Brian and I've been working on this game for about 5 months, with some hard-working weeks and some little work weeks here and there, since I become busy...
  5. harambe1

     One World - [UPDATED WITH MUSIC]

    My first project which I am working solo. Gets heavy inspiration from megaman games. Its a bit difficult, and is intended for those looking for an action platformer challenge. My intention is to go heavy with the story telling. This one is just a prototype for the stage and combat. Hey...
  6. Rover

    Demo action-adventure platform games like castlevania

    Hey, this is my old school project game based on castlevenia and now I will upload it. In this project: character, Inventory with items, enemies, weapons, sound. 2 maps. If you want it, you can download at: Thank for watching.
  7. Anamik

    Released The Mystery of Devils House

    Hello everyone, I have just finished my fourth project with Game Maker Studio 1.4 working solo for more than 6 months and I finally did it. (Feeling awesome) You can buy it on Itchio: Or you can wishlist the game on Steam. Steam...
  8. T

    Portfolio - Art Looking for highly experienced programmer

    I want to make a good, simple arcade like fighting game, that keeps, and saves score, all that good stuff. I have the animation skills, But i lack the ability to code. All i want to do is make a fast paced simple fighting game, which has the similar game-play style related to smash bros, street...
  9. Skull_k

    Released BAD TRIP Action-Platformer Game

    Hi, I am Skico and I made an action platformer game: Bad Trip. It is my first game and I worked on this project during almost 6 months. Available here : Genre: Action Platformer Game with a touch of die&retry. Works Only with a GamePad. Duration to...
  10. A

    Demo SENIORITIS (Scott Pilgrim-inspired Platformer)

    After a year of conceptualizing and half of one developing the first level, the demo of Senioritis is finally out for the public to play! Senioritis is an action-packed platformer inspired by Scott Pilgrim VS The World with beat 'em up mechanics. Play as Julian "JD" Davenport as you barrel...
  11. C

     The Legend of the Knight Templar (Hack n slash/Fast Paced Action Platformer) [DEMO]

    Hello GM community, This was my first game I ever started working on a few years back as a hobby. ========================================================================== DOWNLOAD ITCH.IO GAMEJOLT In this game is you will experience a complex Hack n Slash combat with abilities and...
  12. onjai_x3

    Demo Phantasm: Rondo of Revenge - Smash Bros Style Action Platformer

    ==========Latest Demo========== It can be downloaded from either link below: *This current build is for Windows and is compatible with Xbox controllers (a controller is strongly recommended over the...
  13. R

    Legacy GM Action-Platformer object state bug

    Hi everyone, I discovered GMS a couple of days ago and followed some tutorials. I took elements from the Shaun Spalding Basic Platformer Tutorial and HeartBeast Basic RPG. On part 10 of the RPG tutorial at 16min ( ) it is shown that once you enter the attack state, the object is stuck in...
  14. boustrophedon

    Konrad the Rocket - Released on Steam!

    "Our GLORIOUS NATION needs you! You will test the secret weapon that will guarantee our SUPERIORITY! The Project Rocket! The tests aren't easy and we don't expect your survival, but that's how HEROES are born!" Konrad the Rocket is a hardcore 2D platformer inspired by Orwell's 1984 and...
  15. G

    Free THE TRUMPINATOR, A Mario Style runner

    Become The Trumpinator in this Mario style runner. You have to try to dodge bullets, saw blades, rockets, Pigs bullets and more to come. While you are running for the Trumpinators life you are going to be insulating everyone with all the best Trump quotes. Compete with your friends on Facebook...
  16. N

    Persevere [2D-Action, GIFs]

    Hey guys! It's been some time now since my last time posting on these boards, I've been hard at work on learning game maker and now have joined up with Sovryn, another one of our members (and an amazing pixel artist), to develop a 2D action game called Persevere. I know I couldn't get to this...
  17. Alsekond

     BBS [triggered recoil shooter]

    Hello everyone. In this thread i will make development logs for my new game. It will be HD sequel to my old game Scrappers. Below you can find screenshots and gameplay video from old game.
  18. Anamik

    Steam NightmareZ[Now on Steam]

    Hi everyone, I made a side-scrolling platform action game called NightmareZ and released it on Steam few days ago. NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action game with lots of fancy features, enemies and retro visuals. I made this game in Game Maker Studio. I am a solo indie game developer...
  19. P

    Beta Unbeliever

    This is a metroidvania. A difficult one. Download the beta on Gamejolt You start with nothing and fight your way to the top. The story is explained through the form of memories that you unlock by making progress in the game. You gain spells and experience to upgrade your stats. Your ultimate...
  20. S

    Beta Beam Down Drone - A Sci-Fi Action Platformer

    Hello! I'm the sole full-time developer of Beam Down Drone, an Sci-Fi Action Platformer about shooting aliens and sarcastic talking trash cans. The game has been in development for a year now, and we hope to release soon - this July. (If the stars align) As I have the art capacity of a 6 year...