1. BulleTech Studios

    Android Google Play Show Leaderboards Randomly Stopped Working Even though Signed In

    GMS (RT Google Play Services Extension 3.2.0 Has worked fine up until today (or at least between whenever I last tested it and today) Happens when testing through USB AND for production(dl'd from Google Play) version of my game(s). Couldn't see error in GMS Output Console...
  2. CreativeBand124

    Steam Steam Commands

    Hello! I'm having trouble using the steam commands ... Can anyone tell me why on Game Maker Studio 2 when I call this script every time after i kills NPC /// Achievements for killing if steam_initialised(){ switch(global.kills) { case 15: if !steam_get_achievement("total_kills")...
  3. Babaganosch

    iOS achievement_post_score

    The achievement_post_score function does not seem to trigger any social async event when running on iOS, as opposed to on Android for me. The leaderboard on Game Center do receive and updating the leaderboard with what has been posted though, indicating a successful post. achievement_login()...
  4. V

    UWP Having difficulty getting Xbox achievements to pop.

    There's a lot to the setup of Xbox Live functionality, but as far as I can tell, I've done everything I need to. I have created the achievements for the game (they even show up in the guide while I'm playing). I have followed everything on the "Adding Xbox Live Support" page. I have properly...
  5. Joh

    Android leaderboard/achievement no longer work [Solved]

    Hi, this is sudden and random as everything used to work fine a few months ago. I can no longer access the leaderboards and achievements of my game. Anyone know what might have happened? I haven't touched anything, noticed the change in a version that was already on my phone (and used to...
  6. N

    [solved] Steam achievement for running an Android game does not unlock

    I realise I'll probably come across as an idiot for asking about this, but there's been an issue recently for some reason where one of the actual achievements for GM1.4 on Steam doesn't unlock. I've set up paths for both the Android SDK and NDK and have managed to run a blank game on several...
  7. Still57

    iOS iOS Game Center difficulties

    Hey there, I am trying to fetch achievements data from Game Center on iOS by using the achievement_load_progress() method. I specifically want to get the id of the achievement and the percentage of completion. When testing I am logged into game center and have an achievement prepared on App...
  8. S

    Steam API Achievements don't work

    Hey, I can't find anything on the internet so I'll just try it here. I want to enable steam achievements for my game. - My game is on steam (But not buyable) - Steam sdk is set up in game maker - Steam is enabled and I entered the app ID I have an achievement set up and tried to call this...
  9. T

    Legacy GM Achievements not changing colour

    Hi, I have an image that has index 1 and 0 and are different colours and the below two objects are situated in rm_achievements. However, when I get to rm_level_2_intro room and exit, the achievement has not changed. The show_message("hi") does not show for level 2 too. Can anyone help...
  10. G

    Creating an achievement menu within my pause menu. Need help getting it working properly

    Hello so I was able to get my pause menu working a while back and I wanted to incorperate an achievement menu. I already know how I am going to do this, I'm a bit stuck on one part however. So I was able to get my achievement menu working somewhat. I did this by having a black square overly and...
  11. T

    Legacy GM Need help in stacking achievements

    how to stack achievements and have them work and should i use a step event? how to set this up or what do i put ///Steam Achievement sets { if global.coins == 100 { if !steam_get_achievement("A life!") steam_set_achievement("A life!"); } } { if...
  12. kakatoto

    Steam achievement

    Hello, is it possible to set up the steam achievemetns without paying 100 bucks for getting a steam id ? I would like to do some tests before buying the steam id.
  13. RyanC

    Legacy GM Drawing players names in a level, using achievement_load_leader_board()

    Hi All, I want to use the leader board data from Google to draw users friends names and profile pics where their friends got to in my game. I'm planning on using the achievement_load_leader_board() function but am wondering why the achievement_get_pic(global.playerid); says it's for iOS only...
  14. Erayd

    Android Achievements not posting

    My leaderboard scores post, but my achievements do not. I've checked the parameters to start the post and everything is counting correctly, I'm logging in correctly, I can see the leaderboard scores pop up, however an achievement never posts. Thoughts? The achievement is not incremental, I have...
  15. A

    Android Please help me with IAP for andoid

    I'm really stuck on how to program in IAP for google play and for some reason achievement_show_leaderboards and achievement_show_achievements isn't working even when signed into the google play services. Please help because I have been stuck with these problems for at least 5 months now and any...
  16. V

    Post an achieved achievement

    I would like to know: Would anything happen if I use achievement_post on an achieved achievement? Since I'm having a problem which makes an achievement reset. Example I have an achievement named "First try" but the problem is that it is trigger every game (not only the first game) so in the...
  17. J

    Failed to sign in to 'Google Play Games'

    I have linked my android app to game services. I downloaded the Google Play Services Extension from the marketplace. I can sign in and access the leaderboard in my game when Game Services is set to 'Testing' in my Google play console. The PROBLEM is when I then change Game Services to...
  18. C

    Android Achievement Not Posting

    The first action game 100% accessible to blind and visually impaired players is available now! Go play Blind Samurai... after I fix the achievements. For whatever reason, the game logs into Google Play Services correctly, but will not post achievements. I know the achievement code should be...
  19. J

    Legacy GM Google Play Games achievement help

    Hi all. I'm learning and trying to implement Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards. I'm using the tutorial from Have a few questions: achievement_post(100) is used to unlock a standard achievement. So why the range...
  20. J

    GMS 2 Are Android achievements_* working?

    After hitting a bug with the GMS2 HTML5 export, I'm now focusing my efforts on targeting Android. Am trying to follow some tutorials to get achievements and leaderboards going.