1. Yellowhite

    About Steam Achivements

    Hi guys, i wanna know about How i start to program a Steam Achivement, of the process of create the funcion until how make It the Achivement Works it! I would thank If of some way i can test in 'test mode' too to see if works, thanks. And here i put a imagem about one these: Thanks If i can...
  2. K

    Asset - Extension Cloud services using Gamdato API(Online Leaderboards, Cloud saving, Achievements & more)(FREE)

    Download: DOWNLOAD FOR GMS2.3+ Gamedato offers a set of cloud services for game maker developers, this asset includes different scripts to send and recive data from an API. You can manage all the offered services using a friendly web portal. Create an account on and see all the...
  3. X

    GML How to use the function "achievement_get_info "?

    once I specify the user's id ... Exactly what is returned in the social event?