1. Edwin

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted GM:S 1.4.9999 exe file.

    Hello. If you have GM:S 1.4.9999, can anyone send me it? I deleted it by accident and don't want to reinstall it again.
  2. P

    Question - IDE How can I move a room from one project to another?

    I accidentally deleted a room with a lot of content, then reopened the same project thinking it would fix the issue but I guess it auto saves every time I run the game. I'm hoping to go to an older backed up version of the game and transfer the room from there to the newest version. They're two...
  3. Misu

    I accidentally formed a game development team

    So its a funny story. I was at work, sat down next to a person who I talked to the entire shift. One point, he mentioned he plays music in a band. Thought I could share my other talent besides art so I told him I make videogames. He suddenly got surprised asked few questions regarding to any...