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  1. V

    GML Array inside map

    Hello, I have a problem. I don't know how to access a specific element in the array that is inside of ds_map. I add coordinates to map like this: "ds_map_add(coords, 1, [533.3, 10456]);" and I want to access to access 1st and 2nd coordinates in array somehow, but I don't understand how to do it...
  2. FlamingYeti

    GML Accessing instance stored in array returns invalid object (-4)

    Hello, In my game, I initialise 9 markers using instance_create(), and store them in an array. Later, this array is accessed by another object in order to retrieve a random object from the array, but the game crashes, and returns the following error: Pop :: Execution Error - Variable...
  3. Silversea

    Legacy GM Software crashing and freezing after closing sprite editor

    Sorry for any overly negative tone in this thread but this is just getting really frustrating. Since GM7 I've had to cross my fingers every time I edit a sprite, because inevitably the "crash bug" will eventually befall my projects. This issue has survived over GM8, and still continues today in...