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  1. SamuelSousa

    Windows 63 Little Pieces - Atmospheric Block Sliding Puzzle Game | OUYA | Early Access

    Hi community! - Game Page - Here!!! 63 Little Pieces is an atmospheric block sliding puzzle game with a shooting mechanic, to destroy walls, in order to build a path to lead one or several blocks to the goal. Slide, fire, destroy blocks, collect collectibles, hit switches and manage the...
  2. Wzqxrys

    Windows MyTime - A Spectacle in Time - 3D Platformer

    https://wzqxrys.itch.io/mytime MyTime - A Spectacle in Time Ollie the crab needs your help! Find all the Time Fragments and restore order to Planet Perspective. Can you stop Professor Tentacle 3D Platformer made in GameMaker DRM Free Designed and Developed by Wzqxrys aka Leiam Clements...
  3. W

    Windows Funny Fingers

    Hi everyone :) I have released a Windows & Mac instant-restart action game called Funny Fingers on Steam. In this game, you control 1 to 5 avatars using a semantic control scheme whereby which inputs move which avatar left and right through an array of Guitar-Hero-like lanes depends on the...
  4. A

    Free Abstract Invasion

    Abstract Invasion was part of a 1 hour development challenge I participated in. The game was finished in 54 minutes, with the help of third party CC0 graphics from Kenney.ln Abstract Invasion is a arcade high score based shooter with tons of variable colors and enemy changes to always keep it...
  5. T

    Android Shape Command

    Hello fellow game makers, allow me to introduce my first project, a game inspired by the classic "Missile Command" by Atari. Download it for free: https://tkramer-gamer.itch.io/shape-command For the ones who were born after 1985 and beyond, this is what it is about: Enemy missiles are...
  6. M

    Android I Hate Dots! an experiment in minimalism

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gumbosoup.IHD Heya! Here's my attempt at making a valid and entertaining game from as simple a gameplay concept as possible. I've got a full drive of half-finished "big" (read "complicated" ) personal GMS projects so I decided to take a break...
  7. D

    Windows Dead² - Game Jam Game I am Proud of

    Game Link: https://dmaster.itch.io/deadsquared You play as a square in a simple platformer but when you die your body stays their and can be used as a platform. You can die in certain places to build towers to reach a location. Their is also a ton of other mechanics such as a box that gives you...
  8. V

    Team Request LF Programmers, Artists, Musicians and Awesome Creative People

    2D Platformer Game Idea I am an artist, a programmer, somewhat of a musician and a creative brainstormer. I plan on making a game like the battle cats or age of war. I’ll say right up front that I am a really big fan of the battle cats and I play it all the time. And when I play it I always...