1. matharoo

    Legacy GM Large Number Abbreviations (1500 to 1.5k)

    GM Version: GameMaker 8 - GameMaker: Studio 1.x. May work on GameMaker Studio 2. Target Platform: ALL Download: Test project download Links: Original blog post on GameDev Palace Summary: In this tutorial you're going to learn how to write 10000 as 10K, 1500 as 1.5k, 1500000 as 1.5m and so on...
  2. Misu

    Forum Game TAMU

    This is simple. You define the acronym of the first four letters/digits of the username from the member above you. For example: TAMU Tickle Agent of Many Universes If there are less than four letters in the username, then use the amount of letters it haves. Lets play!