1. Chaser

    Asset - Graphics Master System 8bit Assets

    Assets created using a Master system Colour palette and within the systems limitations. :) Hope you find these useful/helpful. 'Spy Fighter' Asset Pack https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8582/spy-fighter-asset-pack Check the link for full list of whats included. Feedback and...
  2. G

    Tiny Space Explorer

    Hi everyone, this my first game using Gamemaker studio, I have used Gamemaker in the past but that was about 10 years ago so I'm a bit rusty :). I usually develop mobile games using a different game engine so I am going forward to a different type of project. Tiny space explorer is going to...
  3. Y

    Android Gomino casual android game

    Gomino it s a casual android game made with gms 1.4 Store Description: You cannot say NO to GOMINO! Enjoy the most exciting arcade game you will ever play! Collect points and flying coins as you're making your way to the top! Don't touch the colourful squares that move in your path or you're...
  4. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Curse of the eastern god

    Curse of the Eastern God was made in 48 hours as an entry for Ludum Dare 43 (accessible here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/43/curse-of-the-eastern-god) It is a game where everyone is affected by a CURSE. A CURSE which forces your screen to either remain in place or move to the right (and...
  5. yvodlyn


    Here is a mini project that I am doing. I started it with Heartbeast videos (Hack'n Slash Series) . I can not wait to see what that will give at the end. I added a xp bar, a lifebar and a door for, depending on what I want to do, be able to go to another level.
  6. M

    Asset - Audio Retro 8bit music

    https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7391/music-8-bit-volume-i https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7392/music-8-bit-volume-ii https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7393/music-8-bit-volume-iii A volume will come with at least three tracks. One track is valued $0.99.
  7. L

    HTML5 99FLOORS - Hardcore Dungeon Crawling Platformer (NOW FREE)

    99 FLOORS Play Free in Browser: Here (preffered) 99Floors is a hardcore retro-style platformer "hack-n-slash", "beat 'em up" style game. You choose and play as one of 18 unlockable characters each with different stats and abilities, and must fight your way through ninety nine monster and trap...
  8. yvodlyn


    Hello, Here is a first look of my game, killer, finished at 20%.
  9. SpartanSteve

    iOS iOS, Android, HTML5 Helicopter game meets Flappy Bird

    Download: Flappy Fly V1.0 just released on Android and now on iOS too!! (Only took an extra three weeks but I'll take it). And if mobile isn't your thing you can play out a rough port of the gameplay with HTML5 here. Store Description: The gameplay in Flappy Fly is simple: touch the screen to...
  10. NoobsWeStand

    Windows Field Cluster | Tower Defense Space Shooter

    FeildCluster A tower defense crossed with an RTS in a randomly generated universe. Buy, Build, Upgrade Create the perfect defense Screenshots How to play: Mainly just your mouse Hold mouse button to move the map around (when you are on that screen) Select on ships on the left, and then...
  11. pSouper

    iOS Wreck Dive Ralph

    Just a few relatively pain free weeks of discovering GMS2 having never heard of it before) I am proud to introduce you all to Wreck Dive Ralph... Ralph, an ex-cop turned treasure hunter in his new action-hero shoot-em-up will take you back to when 8bit pixel-art and awesome game-play was cool...
  12. Meowanator

    Alpha CastleMaker: Alpha 4.0

    Castlevania Maker is a level editor based on the NES title, Castlevania. DOWNLOAD: https://meowanator.itch.io/castle-maker Features: - Many placeable blocks and decorations. - Improved physics from Castlevania, yet still based on the original. - 64 tile wide levels Version History: A 1.0...
  13. F


    Screenshots: Welcome to PLANETARY RIVALS! A nostalgic hommage to the classic space shooters we all played as kids. Re-Play your childhood fun! Although the game is absolutely playable and almost finished, I would like to receive feedback from you guys to improve it even further! Any...
  14. Cocoamix

    Free Piyooon! - My first game with GameMaker :)

    Hello! I am a Japanese developer. I tried making a cute 2D Action Game app using GameMaker: Studio 1.4.1763 . However, the difficulty level is high. Please try ! Store Description: Small chicks "Piyo" and "Pico" met. Will Piyo's feeling reach Pico !!? *Piyo can eat Green bug from behind...
  15. Peyton Burnham

    Portfolio - Audio Composer for hire (bunch of styles including retro!)

    Hi! My name is Peyton, I'm a composer/musician or whatever! Here are a few demo tracks from a game I'm working on: A character theme: https://soundcloud.com/peyton-burnham/djinn Another character theme: https://soundcloud.com/peyton-burnham/a-fresh-face An area theme...
  16. CreativeJon90

     Nalia's Tale [Devlog]

    Hey everyone my name is CreativeJon90 one of the developers of Bounty Nalia's Tale. Bounty Nalia's Tale is a pixel sci fi action rpg. You play as Nalia, a former police officer who's son was killed by a group of raiders. In this story she takes matters into her own hands and becomes a bounty...
  17. Linkforce

    Android [Free] Roadway Ram (8-bit Retro Ramming)

    Lots of street racers are up to a race, but this cop doesn't take too kindly to them. Roadway Ram is a game where you play as a cop who just enjoys to hit and potentially hurt other cars driving in his desert, using high speeds and turning on a dime ram as many as you can before you run out of...
  18. R

    Free Robots Need Love - One button game

    Hey all, I've recently released my 2nd gamemaker made game. It's called Robots Need Love. It's a one button game where the goal is to hop upwards from heart to heart in search of the perfect lover. What I like about the game is that it's pretty easy to play and beat, but it's still challenging...
  19. A

    Free Quest for the Realm

    First Game ever made! Quest for the Realm is an 8 bit action platformer set in a light hearted world filled with varied locations each offering new experiences and challenges. You may choose one of two characters to play, the Knight and the Mage, each offering a different approach to...
  20. L

    iOS Indie Game:Goku to hell free[Universal]

    Hello players,It took me 8 months to make the game by using gamemaker. video: Description: Goku to hell free is an action platformer game that includes the juice of pixel art style. Goku is a young and brave man who stand against darkness no matter what the cost. Help him on his adventure to...