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    Pushing blocks

    I am new to GameMaker and I have to use GameMaker 8.1 Lite for a school assesment, all I need to know is how do I make it so when I walk into a box (obj_box) I can push it with me? I do not want to change any sprites when pushing.
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    Instance's Variables gets reset without a reason

    Hello everyone! I have checked all the instances related to this particular one but I couldn't find anything. It works fine (it's has important configuration variables like "Which character you picked" or "Which event you're playing", etc..) but when it goes to a special room, all it's variables...
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    Clear cache in gamemaker 8.1

    Is there a way to clear the cache in gamemaker 8.1?
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    Shooting Delay code (3D FPS) GameMaker 8.1

    I am struggling to find code to add a Delay between firing a shot for my gun
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    The watermark...

    I have almost finished my big game I've been developing in GM 8.1, everything done in lite but... the watermark... I didn't want to witness to the fact of me meeting that little dude. I'm so hurt, I spent 2 months for my game... I'm stuck because I don't want to either have that fu--in-...
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    Discussion Import .gmk into GameMaker:Studio 2

    I just bought GameMaker Studio 2 via Steam and I already have a problem, Before buying it I have read that it is possible to import old files from GameMaker 8/8.1 for example into GameMaker Studio 2. But now it seems like it is not possible. If I press "Import" there is no option to select .gmk...
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    Game has become progressively slower for users

    Hi GMC! I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this, so if not I can post in the programming section instead. Here's an overview: I realize GM8.1 is kind of reaching its end of life state, but my game, Cthon, released a couple months ago on itch.io, is running into a problem -...
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    Windows How to go to a Random Room in 8.1

    hey this is my first thread and its just a quick simple question basically I have around 50 rooms and I want have the first room with a button and when I click it I want to go to a random room out of those 50, does anyone know how to code this? for example I want to click it and randomly be on...
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    Game Maker 8.1 Not Launching

    GameMaker 8.1 recently became completely unstable when attempting to launch the program. Nothing changed on my system, there were no other installations or updates in between uses, but the next time I attempted to run GameMaker, it just repeatedly attempted to open then closed out. The icon...
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    Converting Studio project back to 8.1?

    First of all, hello! I've just joined the GameMaker forums. I've been developing in 8.1 (but I do own studio) for the last three or so years. Anyway, onto my issue, and I apologize in advance if this doesn't really count as "Tech" Support: GameMaker 8.1 contains some functions I need for a new...