1. brinycann0nade

    Windows đź—ˇRufinus - A more authentic 8-Bit action RPG

    Hey guys, it's Mop Spear (brinycann0nade is my old user name but I still use it here). This is a game I've been working on since November 2020. It's called Rufinus which my friend told me kind of translates to "Red Hair", referring to the sword the main character uses which is an homage to the...
  2. KyleRansford

    Steam (Title removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.

    (Removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.
  3. Q

    Portfolio - Audio Composer Team X-Score

    Hello! I am Konstantin and together with Jan we created the composing duo X-Score. We have a lot of experience with composing different types of music for all kinds of Media. Looking forward to participating in any serious projects. Have a listen to some of our works on: www.x-score.de Cheers
  4. giraffeman210

    Free Score Attack Ninja 3

    This is the last game I plan to make in this series. The idea has been to make classic arcade style games that are all about scoring points. The only way to progress through the levels is to score points. This way it actually feels fun and rewarding to get points. This game is a maze game where...
  5. giraffeman210

    Need input! Which of these 8-bit themes are your favorite?

    Hello! For my game Score Attack Ninja 2 I made four 8-bit stage themes. I want one to be used for a game play video for the game but don't know which one turned out the best. Here is a link to the stage themes on YouTube: If you wouldn't mind giving them a listen and commenting your favorite...
  6. giraffeman210

    Free Score Attack Ninja 2

    Looking for an old-school arcade style shoot-em-up? Want a high score game where the score actually matters? Score Attack Ninja is back! After saving the castles from evil monsters its time for a well deserved rest. But not long after, an army of monsters can be seen marching towards the...
  7. C

    Windows Exterminator

    https://gamejolt.com/games/exterminator/408543 Exterminator is a game I made with game maker studio. This is pretty much a crackpots Clone game with a couple of twists. If you accidently whack Rachel with a flower pot you lose a life. If the apartment door opens and Rachel goes in you will play...
  8. giraffeman210

    Free Score Attack Ninja UPDATE V.1.1

    Hello! I just released my first project called Score Attack Ninja! The idea was to make a simple yet addictive arcade style game. You throw ninja stars to defeat enemies who in turn give you points. survive long enough to get enough points and you clear the stage. The link below has more...
  9. T

    Portfolio - Audio 8-bit Retro NES/Famicom Chiptune artist looking for projects

    Hi, my name is Ted Kerr, and I write 8-bit chiptune music for games. I primarily use Famitracker. You can see the tracks I have written on https://opengameart.org/users/wolfgang. If you are interested, please send me a PM on here or an email to kerrtheodore13@gmail.com. Thank you, and I look...
  10. J

    Free Space Globs: Scrolling Shooter

    The Game SpaceGlobs is a retro arcade shooter, based off the popular game Space Invaders. There are 50 challenging levels, containing multiple intense bossfights. You can play solo or co-op with a friend. This is the first time we decided to upload one of our projects and we hope you will enjoy...
  11. J

    Demo Otto and the Ancient Worlds (8-bit 2D Platformer)

    Otto and the Ancient Worlds Obvious Gravity Games LLC - DEMO RELEASE - Click here to download Otto and the Ancient Worlds DEMO (Windows). You can also signup to our mailing list to receive future updates. - FEEDBACK - After playing the demo, we would appreciate any feedback about the game by...
  12. B

    Demo The Grand Battle Tower [8-bit Inspired]

    Inspired, because the game doesn't rigidly adhere to the NES's color limitations. So this is my first-ever project! I've never touched GameMaker prior to the creation of this game, and I taught myself to animate and code as I progressed towards completing this demo. As such, I'm eager to hear...
  13. DirectShift

    Windows Rabbit's Quest [Metroidvania Shoot Em Up] (FREE during Summer Sale)

    Rabbit's Quest is a metroidvania with a retro aesthetic. Your team was exploring the galaxy looking for alternate source of energies, until the radar detected something on a unknown planet. However, things go wrong and now you are many thousands feet under the ground in a hostile planet full...
  14. H

    Free Day in the Life of a Harpy 2

    This is a platformer that follows the adventures of a harpy girl, she can jump multiple times, but not forever! Collect bread to restore health, get hit too many times or fall off the stage and you'll get a game over! There are 1629 hearts to collect, and a total of six levels (and an extra...
  15. CardinalCoder64

    Free Starblast Alpha - Pong w/ lasers [v1.6.5]

    Starblast Alpha is a 2-D classic arcade video game combining both ping-pong and 2-D shoot ’em ups. Pilot your space ship and blast your way to victory! Dominate enemy forces utilizing your built-in laser blaster and protect yourself with your force field! Obtain the coolest power-ups: The Golden...
  16. S

    The Arena (Platformer Fighting Game)

    Hey , My name is reuben , a first year Game Art student , I imagined this game as a platformer fighter game that depicts a war fought between heaven and hell captured through these two warriors , it would be amazing if you could check out my game , links are below...
  17. M

    Idea [Closed] - Making Mario great again

    Disclaimer: I am new to getting serious with game design, and this even then is actually a passion test, so at best, they're perfectly possible, but I cannot guarantee these ideas will get off the ground. Also, this post is entirely based on my opinion on the Super Mario franchise, so if you...
  18. F

    Demo Virtual Wave [Greenlight]

    Howdy! My name is Jordan (aka FoxyPanda). I did what most do around here and made a game! (beta demo to be exact). This is honestly my first project I am pushing in front of a large audience so all constructive criticism is welcome. I have been programming for a little over 13 years but never...
  19. Peyton Burnham

    Behind the Rose (Turn-Based RPG) - False 3D elements

    YO! This is a big update after a very long time! So if you thought this looked like kind of okay back then, then here you go! Best place for updates is my Twitter!: https://twitter.com/peydinburnham Hi! My name is Peyton Burnham and this is my dumb game! Behind the Rose is a turn-based RPG...
  20. hijong park

    Free Tujate (retro horizontal shooter)

    Download : http://gamejolt.com/games/tujate/220838 (gamejolt) http://www.mediafire.com/file/pevd8zbytx87k55/Tujate_1.5.zip(mediafire) Gameplay: Tujate is a horizontal shooter inspired by defender, choplifter, and cybernoid. - campaign mode: you have to complete missions like destroying all...