64 bit

  1. Doggo

    Android 1.4 64 bit Solution???

    Hi! I just wanted to share what I've been thinking about recently. Maybe a solution to export to 64 bit. Well, all the yoyo libraries are at <GameMaker Location>\Android\runner\ProjectFiles\src\main\jniLibs right? GMS 2 has 64-bit libraries already, so what if you copy them over to there? But...
  2. JasonGames

    Question - IDE macOS IDE - 32/64bit support (next macOS compatibility)

    Does anyone know if the current (or planned?) version of the IDE and required SDK's will be ready to support the new macOS in the fall? No 32bit apps will be supported in the new OS. Is all of GMS updated to 64bit...
  3. zendraw

    Android Exporting 64bit version for google

    do i need to do anything specific when exporting a game to be 64bit for google play? im using game maker 2
  4. RizbIT

    64 bit version requirement

    What is the situation in regards to submitting apps compiled with GMS 1.4x and GMS2 and this new requirement by Google That states that all apks submitted must have 64 bit code versions aswell? Does this mean that when you submit a new app update you have to upload a 32bit and a 64bit...