60 fps

  1. YoSniper

    SOLVED FPS Problems

    Hello all, I am having an issue with a game I am developing regarding frame rate. This seems to be a recent development, so I'm wondering if it's a software issue. I am making a game, and I'm setting the room_speed to 60 in every single room. However, when I test the game, the fps never seems...
  2. N

    Changing FPS problems.

    I've made my game physics, which are working on 30 fps. But now, I changed my game to 60 fps to make it smoother, but I experience a lot of 'problems' in physics... I have also tried jumpSpeed=(originalJumpSpeedValue/60)*30; grav = (originalGravValue/60)*30; But still, the gameplay doesn't...
  3. Chreech Okash

    Gm Studio 1.4.1804 Android 60fps lag

    I have noticed that Gm Studio 1.4.1804 is lagging very badly when you switch the room_speed to 60fps in android YYC builds. In Gm Studio 1.4.1773 it was running perfectly but when i updated it to newest version i got this big problem. I conducted my test with a blank room drawing one background...
  4. 2

     Suggestion: Preference, set Default Global Game Frame Rate when Project Created

    I would like a preference to set the default global frame rate of the game when a project is created to the value you enter in preferences. I always use 60 fps, and am tired of setting it every time I start a new project to test something.