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    3D Help/Advice calculating the 'Up' vector of a 3D projection

    Hi Everyone! Apologies for asking what may well be a super obvious question, but I was wondering how to accurately calculate the xup, yup, and zup values for the d3d_set_projection_ext() function. All of the tutorials I have watched and read have set xup, yup, and zup to (0,0,1) or (0,0,-1)...
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    3D 3D instance_place() equivalent?

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone had some insight into how I could go about creating a script that returns the id of an object at a point in 3D space. I guess this means I'm essentially looking for a 3D equivalent of instance_place(), if such a thing is possible. I attempted to make a...
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    Prism Lagoon [Moved to Marketplace Forum]

    Prism Lagoon by 1pietras Prism Lagoon is a new way of fast and comfortable creating maps for GameMaker Comfortable work environment Prism Lagoon allows to resize elements inside the window. All options are grouped by tabs, thats why using this editor is easy as in other popular 3D...