3d modeling

  1. G

    1 vertex model, 2 triangles, vertex shader opposite directions

    sorry if this is a repost not sure what im searching for : As the title says im trying to make a vertex model of a sprite image split into two opposite directions with vertex shader sort of like in fruit ninja. so in the draw event I send a uniform to the shader with a positive and negative...
  2. Null-Z

    Tips for a 2D artist starting 3D modeling.

    while I wait for the final parts to upgrade my computer, I wanted to gather some tips to help me swiftly understand how to model in 3D. what advise do you have? anything you wish you knew when you began 3D modeling? what tutorials do you you suggest work the best? advise is appreciated!
  3. Null-Z

    Question for 3D modelers

    I'm planing on getting a desktop computer and wanted an opinion on what specification to look for if I wanted to do 3D modeling and rigging without incessant lag.
  4. Misty

    Job Offer - Artist Need a guy or gal of kart racing, to model levels.

    Basically, I can make the karts, but I don't have the tech to model levels. I was thinking about making a kart racing game in the future, but I need levels, and don't know how to make levels. I need the levels in 3D and at least Mario Kart n64 quality but preferably double dash quality levels...
  5. CLiolios

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Art & LOw Poly 3D Modeling and Animation

    Hello, my name is Chris. I have studied Computer Science and have been creating 3D and 2D art and animations for the past 6 years. I have a passion for everything Video Games, and want to work in the industry. I have designed, modeled and rigged numerous 3D characters, as well as a number of...
  6. phillipPbor

    Graphics 3d slidepuzzles

    hey... um... I need help. I was working on the 3d slide puzzle slide for this room of the cube world. (this room is one of the sliders even its a control panel) its only thing that helps you control this place. (because all the 8 rooms are cube like) and then... I discovered... I cant even do...
  7. Fishman1175

    Windows SketchLvl - A 3D level building tool using 2D drawings

    SketchLvl A new way to build 3D levels in Game Maker using 2D drawings. Created by Sawyer Dargiewicz. Introduction SketchLvl is a new type of 3D modeling software that allows you to build 3D levels for you to use in your games and programs. This is done by drawing "floor plans". After...
  8. B

     GameMaker Export To .OBJ

    Today I want to show you how powerful game maker can really be. In just one day with nothing more than an article describing how .obj files work I was about to produce a modeling program that can export to obj using cubes. I wanted to get feedback and see what people think. In game maker...