3d model

  1. ewmo

    GMS 2 Baked 3D shadowmap

    I'm working on a few projects that focus on a sort of blend between 3D and 2D Assets. So far I've had the usual hiccups, but at the moment I'm sort of stuck at a sort of impasse where the problems have finally converged on a similar roadblock. Problem 1: I need to have a 3D model with its own...
  2. foreverisbetter

    3D Trying to create an 80s neon grid landscape

    Hello, ok, so I don't know how to explain the problem I have right now so instead, I try to show it. I try to create a 3D geometry like the landscape pictured below for some background visuals. But my current model looks something like this The left model is a trianglelist with a texture...
  3. Dupletor

    Creating 3d models in 2d basic camera!

    [WARNING: You do NOT require knowledge around 3d manipulation to use this tool for 3d modelling, but you DO require knowledge about files manipulation and it is very limited to models that do not mesh with eachother.] I am happy to announce the open project for the modelling of basic 3d...
  4. kraifpatrik

    Released BBMOD - 3D rendering solution for GameMaker!

    BBMOD BBMOD is an advanced 3D rendering solution for GameMaker Studio 2! It consists of a custom model and animation file formats (*.bbmod, *.bbanim), a model convertor (BBMOD CLI), a powerful and easy to use GML library, as well as PBR shaders using which you can render models textured in...
  5. D

    3D 3d blender model help

    im using gamemaker studio 1.4 and blender models using this addon for blender http://martincrownover.com/blender-addon-gm3d/ to convert the model into a .txt file that I'm using as a script. everything looks right to me but nothing is showing up ingame. below is the code im using //create event...
  6. trentallain

    3D GMS2 - Draw model without setting camera as 3D

    How do I draw a model so it is basically like a sprite (just with more angles)? I am using gamemaker studio 2 and the model is a .obj with a .mtl and .png file for texture and colours.
  7. FredFredrickson

    Free Model Viewer

    On occasion I've had a need for previewing 3D models in GameMaker: Studio prior to actually dropping them into my games, and so I've created a simple model viewer program that can do just this. The viewer mimics Blender's 3D environment and allows for some viewing options, like toggling...
  8. Misu

    3D Need help rotating a 3D ring

    Ive gotten stuck on this for a week now and I cant bust my head on doing this properly... Im trying to trace random spheres around an origin point but that can rotate in both x and y axis. Ive gotten one direction moving perfectly (y axis)... But I cant come up with one for the x axis that...
  9. L

    Rotating a 3D object around its own origin

    I know this topic has been discussed before, and the solution is usually that rotation comes before translation of the model. However other threads seem to focus on imported models. My problem is a little different. I have created various objects that draw multiple things at once in the draw...
  10. Misu

    Shaders How to detect an odd normal value pattern

    Hi there, I am working on an experiment in 3D. I am trying to find a way to compare between two pixels to see the order on its colors and check if the order is oddly backwards (inverted) from the first to the other. This may sound hard to comprehend but I'll explain... I have a normal mapped...