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3d game

  1. Chaos Fusion

    GML 3D Wall Clipping

    So I'm working on a 3D platformer of sorts and I've run into a clipping issue with walls. Using the code from the old Gamemaker fps tutorial, I can get the character to slide along walls however If the player is moving too fast and collides with the corner of 2 wall objects, the player will clip...
  2. bhr

    Windows [UPDATE-12-04-19] Magic Tomb - 3D dungeon crawler with grid base and big pixels

    Hello! I'm working on an simple old-school grid-based dungeon crawler with 3D first person view and 2D sprites. Actually, you have a little level to play, with only one class of character - Knight. Character details : STRenght - DEXterity - MAGic - LeVeL - EXPerience 1 weapon (with DAMage) -...
  3. Ali Al - Mosawi

    3D alpha issue with default shader on mobiles platforms

    Hi guys ... I am working with 3D game on android and iOS platforms I will make the tree in two plane models with png transparent texture I set alpha testing true and alpha ref value on pc the trees was shown fine but on android and iOS it's shown as with out alpha test such I was used pass...
  4. T

    3D Blur around Sniper rifle scope.

    Hello, im working on a little project, i only started a few days ago and its going pretty well. Its a fist person shooter and i am trying to get a blur effect for the scope. my sniper scope is the second image and i am trying to get a blur effect around the sniper scope like in the third image...
  5. C

    How can I move around all sites of a 3D-object.

    Imagine a 3D-object in the centre of a room (like the sun in the universe). I want to view all sides of this 3D- object (like an astronaut flying around and looking at the sun). The 3D-object I created consists of multiple 3D-objects itself. I created a cube “obj_big_cube” which is built up...
  6. T

    Legacy GM How to interect with 3D object

    Hi dear Gamemakers, im making 3D rts game and i have problem with interection with 3D objects with mouse. Im wanna lets say open GUI Sprite like button, when pressing on object. Anyone has idea? I tries search on internet but nothing. And i dont know do i have to meassure distance from object...
  7. G

    Windows Why not work 3D(p3dc) Collisions #2

    So guys, i have p3dc plugin, imported 3d models for collision mask,but this 3d collision doesn't work,why? For player: Create Step Draw Result:
  8. N

    3D Tutorial

    Hello, I'm looking for a 3D tutorial for Game Maker. (A 3D Jump and Run) - third person -Learn -3d3 (or other object files (for gamemaker)) - in game maker studios - animations Best regards
  9. hephaestusent

    Portfolio - Art Experienced | 2D/3D Gaming Artist @ Indie Rates | Looking for Work

    Work that speaks for itself Hephaestus Entertainment We are a team of dedicated professionals who provide an array of services like(2d/3d, Animation, Gaming, Comics, E-Learning, Wallpaper And Movies) You can count on our team to deliver pristine quality within the deadline. Each member has a...
  10. phillipPbor

    3D Z-jumping

    I don't know how to make a code for a z jumping's I mean I want to know. but there is a price for the 3d platformer z jumping in a market place, Rene Couture done the push box, but said I need a money and a gm2 license! I CANT EVEN DO THAT! I need a code from anyone. I mean You can PM me if you...
  11. G

    Windows how to make the 3d camera did not move the player

    So,guy's how to make the camera did not move the player (3D camera) i wrote this skripts for create: d3d_start() d3d_set_lighting(true) d3d_light_enable(1,true) d3d_light_define_point(1,x,y-100,-50,999,c_white) for draw: d3d_set_projection(x+29,y-73,70, x,y,0, 0,0,1)...
  12. D

    3D Top Down 3D game problem

    Hello there.I am running into a serious problem.After converting my top down 3D GTA style game to Game Maker Studio from 8.1, strange things started to happen.You can see what I mean by looking at this picture : http://i.imgur.com/AvmRxDb.jpg The road is missing, and the cars got a black...
  13. S

    3D 3D sprite NEED HELP

    Hi. This is my first time posting to the forums. Don't mind the health bar. I fixed that. (This is an early screenshot) anyway. The left torch is supposed to change lighting. it should animate in a way that would make the flame move around a little bit. I used the code from heart beast to get...
  14. Charzendat

    Render Text in 3D

    Hi all. I've been using Game Maker for a long time but am only now just getting into the 3D aspects of it. Everything is going alright but I am having difficulties rendering text in the 3D environment. I can draw things to a HUD but if I have an object and I want some text to float above it...
  15. S

    Shaders How to use shaders to make a water-wave/ripple effect?

    As of right now, I have no clue how to use shaders. I know that they use a different coding language, and something to do with vertices and colours, but other than that I don't even know the full potential of what shaders can do. But from what I've seen, they can do ripple/wave/distortion...
  16. C

    3D [Solved] Moving left and right :^) ty for everybody

    Im tying to make my character move left and right but im so stupid that i dont know how to do that. Here is my create event code: /// Initialize the player z = 16; dir = 0; // Create target variables for movement target_dir = dir; target_x = x; target_y = y; // Set the default draw color to...
  17. C

    3D [Solved] Torch effect 3D

    Hi! Im trying to make glowing torch effect and have some fog :). I use d3d_set_fog() for the fog so I only need help with torch effect. Thanks for reading.
  18. S

    [RESOLVED] 3d doom sprite space time distortion graphical error thingy

    Hello world! (moslty gamemaker forums) im using the old fps tutorial mark overmars wrote to make a short 3d adventure game, but pretty much every graphic is just that sprite-on-a-wall-facing-the-camera trick, aka doom sprites. iv done this in earlier versions of gm and it worked, but theres...
  19. VentKazemaru

    Voxel programs with an export layer option?

    Been messing around with doing fake 3d sprites a bit. I feel there's a lot of potential with it, even with it's inefficiencies. I can grasp drawing cakes of pixels over building a model. But right now my current method is pretty cumbersome. Load aseprite/pyxcel edit Draw the model layer by...
  20. S

    Legacy GM Need help adding a sky backdrop (which fills the screen) to the back of a 3D game?

    (I'm working on a 2D platformer which has a 3D look to it) In my object which draws 3D projection stuff in its Draw event, I added a bit of code and the first line of it tells it to "draw_background_stretched" behind all of the other objects. Like so...