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3d game

  1. H

    Legacy GM Making Minecraft in Game Maker using D3D

    Hello! I am trying to make a voxel-ish kind of game (a Minecraft clone, basically) in Game Maker Studio using the 3D functionality already present. I have come about this far; ... I can run, jump, crouch and sprint. I can also look around 360* and collision works like a charm. Next thing I...
  2. M

    Rotating a Cone to face a target in 3D

    I have a cone model drawn in 3d at some arbitrary x,y,z. I want it to rotate to face a target at another arbitrary x,y,z coordinate. In my game, +X is to the right, +Z is up, and +Y is forwards. I use the rotation functions to rotate my cone: d3d_transform_set_rotation_z(...)...
  3. G

    Heightmap glitch after changing room

    Hello, my first post here. My problem goes like this: I'm using simple script to draw a terrain in 3D using heightmap and I want to draw another one after going to the next room, but then the terrain glitches and gets just flat. It's propably because it uses global variables that get transferred...
  4. C

    3D why these backcolor is showed?

    see these image: http://imgur.com/a/i3hm0 heres how i draw it: draw_set_alpha(1); d3d_transform_set_rotation_z(0); d3d_transform_set_translation(y,x,z); d3d_draw_wall(0+cos(degtorad(direction)), 0-sin(degtorad(direction)), 0+p, 0+w, 0+h, 0,sprite_get_texture(sprCacodemonBack,0),1,1)...
  5. M

    3D Minecraft Clone how to?

    Hello all, i was looking to make a Minecraft clone in Game Maker mainly because: 1, i know my way around in gamemaker the most over any other program, 2, it's much easier to create terrain and 2D sprites from game maker (in my opinion), 3, i can import pseudo 3D models from MagicaVoxel for...
  6. A

    Is GameMaker Studio 2 Right for the Kind of Game I'm Intending to Make?

    I've been fumbling with the first level for my game in Unity and I can't say I'm entirely pleased with the engine. I'm considering getting GMS2 but given the price (for someone in my position) you can imagine my hesitation. The game I'm intending to make is 3D FPS Horror (most of it will be...
  7. N

     3D Dice

    This has been sitting around for a while, so I decided to post it before I forget. I'm curious what you guys think about it. Improvements can be made over time. My main questions are: Could you see yourself using it? Do you see any obvious flaws? Could I turn it into a marketplace asset, or...
  8. phillipPbor

    Beta 3Drpg demo

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-q1gJq4gp8RSFU0S3ljS0k4Tmc/view?usp=sharing any ideas? the battle room needs work the step count wont stop when a player just HIT THE WALL. the projection needs to be feather away from the screen. and the see thought needs to made for a player.
  9. R

    Game development help

    Hey, everyone! This is my first forum post. Now, I wanna know how to make a 3D game. Yeah, I have to use GML. Also, for cross-platform publishing, is GML supported? I'm just asking. I have Game Maker: Studio (Steam version), and I'd like to learn the fundamentals of a 3D game. Any help would be...
  10. B

    Question - IDE [solved] Trial version question

    Im using a trial version of GMS2. Is d3d feature in there or i have to buy the desktop version? When i try to d3d_start() it marks it as a variable
  11. L

    3D Loading Custom Models and 3D Collision Checking!

    Hey folks! I realize last time, my post may have been far to vague and didn't quite adhere to the guidelines. My apologies there, I was honestly just feeling a bit desperate and overwhelmed. I should also add that, for this class, we have to use Game Maker. And the project is a first person...
  12. L

    3D Flight Simulator

    Greetings, all! I'm in my second semester here at wake tech learning simulation and game design. Unfortunately, it seems I may have taken a level 200 class to soon, or at least, the classes before hand haven't adequately prepared me for this one. (This is a known issue, and has recently been...
  13. Arkhidexx

    Free Blaster Cop

    Hello, everyone! Let me show you our new game, Blaster Cop! This is first-person shooter, so it uses 3D capabilities of gamemaker. Also, it has cyberpunk setting and synthpop soundtrack. We took oldschool style and mixed it with fun and humor. Hope you will enjoy it! :) Download link...
  14. Chaos Fusion

     Realms of Mobius 3D

    Realms of Mobius WIP Open Source 3D Sonic Engine Description: Realms of Mobius or RoM for short is a open source 3D Sonic engine that I'm working on. The idea originally was to create a special stage engine that was also open source however lazine...ahem...circumstances and disappointment...
  15. Ali Al - Mosawi

    Legacy GM Vertex buffer generate is take long time

    hi guys iam working with 3D game and iam use d3d model with 50,000 vertex approximately , its working fine on iOS with fps 200-250 in 2 draw call When i do to generate vertex buffer for the 27,500 vertex it's take about over 8 minute on my pc ( core i5 20 Gb of ram 4gb gpu 256 bitrate ) Any...
  16. kamiyasi

    3D Player movement in 3rd person 3D?

    This diagram shows what I'm talking about. I have multiple 3rd person players in a 3D space. I get the direction of each player by combining the local direction of the player with the direction of the camera, like this: ////update direction pnd = (...
  17. Posh Indie

     [Suggestion] Room Editor Layer Transparency

    With layer transparency we could easily line things up with the layer above or below the one we are currently working on, while still keeping the focus of the room editor on the one we are working on. A use for this could be for, say, seamless transition from the first floor to the second floor...
  18. N

    Alpha [Dungeon Crawler] Codename: Vertigo.

    Hi there! I'm developing a dungeon crawler game and I'm going to post here some progress of it. All of what is done yet is just a little engine that is capable of loading geometry from files and some additional functions. It is in pre-alpha stage now. Screenshots: And a editor maquette:
  19. P

    Discussion [PROPOSAL] Allow shaders to set line width and point size

    It would be really nice if we were able to set gl_LineWidth and gl_pointSize in shaders when drawing vertex buffers with pr_line... and pr_pointlist. This could lead to several applications, especially in 3D: cheap wires and ropes, 3D particle systems, etc.
  20. P

    Question - Code Setting up the camera/view for 3D [Potential Bug?]

    I'm having a little trouble setting up the view/camera for my 3D game. I followed this guide by Michael to get the 3D all set up, but now I can't seem to be able to set the view/camera size via code. I suspect this might be a bug, but I decided to ask here in case it isn't and I'm doing...