3d game

  1. E.M.I

    3D [RESOLVED] Adding centers of gravity to 3D GMS2

    Hey there! After working on 2D projects for about a year I've decided to try out 3D in GMS2. For now I'm focusing on player movement and the visual style, but I know the game is going to involve jumping between small planetoids with their own centers of gravity, and I have no idea how that would...
  2. Ali Al - Mosawi

    Android 3D Tuktuk Drive game infinity world

    Hi Guys I was complete my new game "Tuk Tuk Drive " its 3d game infinity world Video From Game its have different Gui Lengths I do that for record landscape Video The Game support English Url : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bakaty.tuktukk screenshot I used The SMF...
  3. F

    Legacy GM problem restarting a 3d game (DOOM style)

    Hi everyone, I tried to look for a solution here to a similar problem but I could not find, so here goes When I reach the objective of my game BOON (on ggj 2019) and restart it, it is flipping the images/textures that does not belong to the game rooms itself. I have already tried to kill every...
  4. G

    3D Mystery Doom Like Game

    Hi! I'm working on this Doom like mystery/horror game. It is still very early on, but I have some screenshots that look pretty cool, and I thought I'd share them :) The premise of the game right now is that you're exploring a giant mansion that goes on almost forever and you have to unlock a...
  5. G

    3D [SOLVED] draw_set_alpha_test_ref_value() is obsolete in gms2. Is there a replacement for this?

    In gms2, draw_set_alpha_test_ref_value() was made obsolete, but i need it to stop a weird texture glitch. Do yall know if there is a replacement for this command, or a compatibility script because I haven't been able to figure this out or find it on google. Thanks in advance!
  6. Arkhidexx

    Demo Archtower

    Hi, everyone! Let me show you my new game in progress, Archtower! This is Action/RPG with arcade and roguelite elements. PLOT There is a great Tower in the world of the game. It is always been there. Primitive community of people, organized in family clans, are trying to get into it. You...
  7. M

    [solved] Need help with audio_play_at in 3D game

    Hey guys, I am currently working on a first person shooter and until now I always only used audio_play_sound for all sounds. Today I wanted to start setting up proper 3D sounds for the enemies' guns. So that I get a falloff depending on the distance to the enemy and also a pan change depending...
  8. C

    3d Game Camera

    So I have a great game idea and all but I think it'd be more appealing if it was 3d! I'm asking if there's a simple tutorial or script I could use to make a 3d game! Thanks!
  9. M

    Empty compile error window on launch

    So, i've had this one before and it seems a common problem with Studio 1 overall, but when i get an empty Compile Error window upon testing, it usually solves the issue to close and reopen the project. I also cleaned the compile cache, yet still after these fixes the empty Compile error screen...
  10. M

    3D game keeps crashing oddly

    Recently i've imported an old GM8.0 first-person shooter game of mine into Studio 1.4. I got the project working fine after removing some obsolete functions and changing some scripts for textures, but the game still crashes oddly sometimes when a room changes, like when you just move to a next...
  11. Oakleaf

    Alpha BLASTION - A 3d roguelite dungeon shooter

    BLASTION Alpha game demo, hosted on ITCH.IO. Game made with GM:S 1.4. >>>DOWNLOAD<<< https://oakleaff.itch.io/blastion Blastion is a proc-gen dungeon shooter with a lo-fi pixel aesthetic. Progress through randomly built dungeon levels while shooting and slashing enemies. FEATURES (0.1)...
  12. Freddie The Potato

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Shader makes everything invisible in 3D game

    Heya, I've run into a problem whilst developing a shader for a 3D game. The shader is intended to create a kind of "colored glass" effect, wherein everything viewed through the object using the shader will be colorized with the specified color. However, calling this shader via shader_set()...
  13. R

    3D 3D objects created after game start is not shown correctly

    Hi GMC, I have tried to play a little with the in build 3D functionality in Game Maker. But I got problem with objects added after game is started. After I have created a room and added objects into it, and then play the game the 3D is shown correct. But if I add objects after game has...
  14. trentallain

    3D GMS2 - How to find a position on a model?

    How do I find the position on a 3D model (Loaded using vertex buffers)? For example, if I wanted to create an instance at a specific postion on a model (or a special effect like flames), how would I find that? The model is also being transformed, such as scaled and rotated. And also if its worth...
  15. trentallain

    3D [solved] GMS2 How to move towards z angle

    Wish there was some from of point_direction_3d(x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2), but that wouldn't work. But anyway, I'm trying to somewhat replicate star wars battlefront's spaceship combat (like this: but not so HD and only with 2 ships, more just gameplay etc) but I am very new to 3D (I pretty much...
  16. trentallain

    3D GMS2 - Why does my camera mirror itself?

    //Create //3D camera camera = camera_create() gpu_set_zwriteenable(true) gpu_set_ztestenable(true) projection_matrix = matrix_build_projection_perspective_fov(-60, -view_get_wport(0)/view_get_hport(0), 32, 32000) camera_set_proj_mat(camera, projection_matrix) view_set_camera(0, camera)...
  17. C

    GML just a question?

    d3d_set_projection_ortho(0, 0, window_get_width(), window_get_height(), 0); draw_set_color(c_white); d3d_set_fog(false, c_white, 1, 2); d3d_set_lighting(false); how does this overlay show co-ordinents (or how ever thats spelled?), ? cause I'd like to use it to use a sprite or background as a...
  18. ForesterPL

    3D [SOLVED] How to invert Y axis in 3D top down?

    Hello everyone! I want to create a 2D game with fake 3D top down perspective, something like GTA 1. I started to look for tutorials and I found this: But in my game, it looks like this: I'm not satisfied. Can anyone help me with code? I want more realistic fake perspective. Please, give...
  19. G

    3D [SOLVED] Texture not loading properly

    So, I just tried to load a .d3d model into Game Maker 8 and the texture got messed up. I converted an .obj model to .d3d (tried two tools - D3D Wizard 3 and Converter 1.1). The .obj is ok in fragMotion, but the .d3d gets a messed up texture. Could anybody help pls? P.S. Yes, I'm still using...
  20. C

    Camera position and object

    Hello, I am struggeling with positioning a camera in front of an object. In a room I create one object (my_obj) and a camera (obj_cam). my_obj should be in the center of the room. obj_cam should be in one line with my_obj. To position my_obj in the center of the room I use in my_obj_Create...