3d fps

  1. MilkMan5x

    Released Quake 3 BSP loading & rendering example

    Quake 3 BSP loading & rendering (stronger & spicier & better, Hjåh!) GitHub repo link : https://github.com/TandyRum1024/gml-q3-bsp-loader Hi. After chucking this old tech on this forum back in 2018, abandoned, Those haunted souls of railgun-holding quad-damage-loving-freaks kept haunting...
  2. D

    Alpha Tower of the 9 Kings [3D] [fantasy FPS]

    Welcome to 'Tower of the 9 Kings', also known as T9K this is an oldschool FPS without guns, so maybe a FPSlasher? Its like if Zelda and Doom had a very pixelated baby. procedurally generated levels. -this will be improved in future updates runs in fullscreen without keeping aspect ratio -this...
  3. D

    Legacy GM 3d camera follow mouse [noob problem]

    I'm working on a first person 3d game and I have most of the basics built but I'm stumped on how to properly have the camera controlled by the mouse. right now I use a buffer zone along the edge of the screen and when the mouse is inside that zone then it moves the camera. my idea of how itd...
  4. M

    3D game keeps crashing oddly

    Recently i've imported an old GM8.0 first-person shooter game of mine into Studio 1.4. I got the project working fine after removing some obsolete functions and changing some scripts for textures, but the game still crashes oddly sometimes when a room changes, like when you just move to a next...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] 3D Platforms on top of each other

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on a 3D first person shooter in GM Studio 1.4. The movement and all is fine jumping on a platform also works but I'm having trouble if there are multiple platforms with different heights on top of each other. This is the code for my player's collision event with...
  6. M

    Textures all messed up in an Fps game on Studio

    So, i've imported an FPS project i've been doing for years now - started way back on GM7.0 - into Studio 1.4. However, upon testing (after cleaning up all the obsolete functions) the 3d textures appear all messed up although the game still otherwise runs just fine: for example, character sprites...
  7. D

    3D First Person Camera Rotation

    I'm very curious if it is possible to get an effect where the 3d camera tilts in a similar way how a 2d view tilts with view_angle. Is it possible to recreate this?
  8. D

    Is it possible to make bullets in a 3d game

    I'm trying to make a 3d fps shooter but i can't figure out how to make code for bullets and also to be able to kill the enemy object.
  9. D

    Gamemaker 8.1 3d FPS Bullet Collisions

    Could someone take a look at my game and figure out how i would set up Bullet collisions so that it destroys the enemy upon contact. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uuovz9dAeXAps71Fxgkx1efl7Rgsnepe/view
  10. D

    Shooting Delay code (3D FPS) GameMaker 8.1

    I am struggling to find code to add a Delay between firing a shot for my gun
  11. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] 3D FPS GUI Display Issue

    In following along an old tutorial on how to create a 3D FPS in GM:S, I've encountered an issue in which the GUI is not displaying properly. Here is an image of an FPS when it was made in GameMaker 8: And here is a screenshot of the FPS I made in GameMaker: Studio: As you can see, the...
  12. L

    Draw event- what is more efficient?

    I've been developing a top down shooter with 3D buildings and each object had its own draw event. After reading advice on optimising performance it seems that the less draw events called, the better. So I did exactly that, created a building_drawer_obj and placed all the draw commands for all 3D...
  13. Master Maker

    3D Implementing Google Maps

    I was wondering how I would go about integrating Google Maps into a 3D FPS: it would get your GPS coordinates when opened, then project your surroundings (according to Google Maps), then allow you to move your character through Google Map's environment, colliding with buildings, able to access...
  14. Ali Al - Mosawi

    Legacy GM Vertex buffer generate is take long time

    hi guys iam working with 3D game and iam use d3d model with 50,000 vertex approximately , its working fine on iOS with fps 200-250 in 2 draw call When i do to generate vertex buffer for the 27,500 vertex it's take about over 8 minute on my pc ( core i5 20 Gb of ram 4gb gpu 256 bitrate ) Any...
  15. Fredrik

    Moor - outdated thread

    *** This is a outdated forum thread *** Due to the long time between this tread (with the v2 of the demo) and the third thread (with the v3 of the demo) there was made a new forum thread instead of updating this one!. Link to the new one: Moor - thread 3 ~ MOOR ~ A rogule-like dungeon...