3d engine

  1. Moon Goat

    Asset - Demo Don't Starve pseudo-3D engine

    Available on the YoYo Games Marketplace. Requires GameMaker Studio 2 v2.3 and up. Have you ever wanted to create a game that looked like Don't Starve, with all it's pseudo-3D goodness? Well now you can! The Don't Starve pseudo 3D engine will give you everything you need to get started on...
  2. S

    HTML5 VR demo

    Hi all, After my previous post about 3D in GM, let me introduce you my new demo. I'have made an extension for the HTML5 version, to retrieve the device orientation from javascript. i can use it to define the camera orientation. the user can point to the cursor at the floor to move forward...
  3. kraifpatrik

    Push3d - 3D level editor for GMS2

    Push3d 3D level editor for GameMaker Studio 2 Latest screenshot About Push3d Push3d (read as "pushed") is a reincarnation of PushEd, a 2D/3D level editor for GMS1, which was first released by our team BlueBurn in 2014 as a paid extension and then for free at GM's sunset in 2018. This time...
  4. Salem Holly

    3D Help with 3D blood decals on walls (GM 1.4)

    In my 3D fps shooter, I have a pretty basic system for blood. It just spawns a flat sprite on the ground, and to keep the game from slowing down, I have an instance check that sees if there are more than X amount of blood decals, and if there are, then it deletes the first ones created. This...
  5. M

    GMS 2 3D tutorials / learn the basics

    Hi, I've been using GMS for about a year now having Zero previous coding knowledge. I got my start following along the simple 2d arcade style game tutorials and went from there. I really want to make a 4 player FPS deathmatch game. Very simple 1 weapon, 1 map and go from there, but I can't find...
  6. TheMegax

    GMS 2 2D Sprites in 3D

    Using GameMaker Studio 2. I want to make 2D Sprites face the camera in a 3D environment, in a fashion similar to how the original Doom or Don't Starve do. I have seen a few tutorials, but I couldn't find much related to that problem. Can you please give me some advice or a link to a guide? Any...
  7. Salem Holly

    Legacy GM 3D FPS - I need help with vertex buffers

    I'm making a 3D fps game in gamemaker studio 1.4, and I have gotten really far, but recently I've been optimizing it and have a pretty big fps killer. I'm using d3d_draw functions to draw all the walls. At first it wasn't an issue, because I was just making test levels and didn't need a high...
  8. R

    Windows QEngine

  9. IGameArt

    DopeFish - The Doom Loader - FREE

    DopeFish has been set FREE!! DopeFish is the only full GML Doom/Heretic map loading system for GMS2.3+ (so far as I'm aware) What does DopeFish do? Before we talk about that, let's talk about wads! Wad is a file format created by iD Software in 1993 for DOOM, and stands for "where's all the...
  10. Gizmo199

    [SOLVED] - Depth issues with camera rotation

    ^^^ The above is a video of the issue I am having ^^^ SOLUTION BELOW Issue: So the issue I am having is that I am trying to sort each object via its depth to be either in front or behind objects near them. Much like the isometric / RPG trick: depth = -y What I have tried: So here are some...
  11. BlueHarrier

    Alpha Feather Engine 3D

    I'm working on a 3D engine for my future project, still working on graphic management. [Updates] +Added spotlights, they don't create shadows. +Upgraded the color shadow and translucid renders quality. /Changed the color of the background, nothing important, but seems more beautiful for...
  12. BCrash

    Windows Anura 3D (PBR 3D Engine)

    I started working on this project as a little 3D shader experiment back in 2015 (GMS 1.4), to see how far I can go. Right after implementing a traditional per-pixel lighting system I started replacing it by PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to achieve more realistic graphics. In 2017 after...
  13. Apapappa

    Windows RenderTech

    Description: This is a little side thing I work on sometimes, mostly when I want to relax a bit. I'm making this to prepare a "framework" which I can use whenever I decide to actually make one of the 3D games I have planned. It is definitely not perfect and has a lot of errors and what not but...
  14. Adam Mansour

    3D in GM2

    People told me that gamemaker is rather for people who want to create 2d games. But if someone insisted on making a 3d game in this engine. How would it hold up to the other popular ones everyone knows?
  15. KPJ

    GMS 2 Game Maker 2 3D?

    Hi everyone! I am trying to create a top down game, but I feel that 2d doesn't portray my game well. I feel that 3d would, though. So could anyone point me to the right direction, or suggest any functions for top down 3d in gamemaker? I am looking for 3d like this: Any help would be greatly...
  16. P

    Legacy GM Difficulties determining the nearest instance in 3D space

    I'm trying to create a script that returns the nearest instance in 3-dimensional space, by looping through all active instances of the object, evaluating the distance using the built-in function "point_distance_3d", sorting the ds_grid containing the data so that the smallest distance value is...
  17. P

    Legacy GM 3D Bounding Box [SOLVED]

    I'm trying to create a function analogous to point_in_rectangle() for checking if an object is in a 3D area. My idea was to, first, check if the distance between the center of the region and the object being checked is less than or equal to one half of the diagonal of the cube (the diameter of...
  18. L

    Alpha RENDERBEAST - 3D Engine

    Introducing 'RenderBeast'. I have been working on a basic 3D framework since around the start of January and I figured it's time to post some progress. Every single line is built from the ground up. To this point I have been focusing mainly on sky boxes and model loaders. But there is much...
  19. T

    3D need help with 3d instance orbiting around another, like Earth and Moon

    hi everyone, I manage to make a lot 3D stuff as newbie, but i didn't manage to make a moon or another 3d object to orbiter around any given object. I would be grateful for any good tip. :D I now it has something to do with d3d_translation, every time i do something my self, it spins only. -.-
  20. atma505

    GMS 2 Using Shaders for Sprites in 3D

    I'm looking into methods for having sprites "face" the camera when projecting in 3D. In GMS1, I drew a wall using the sprite as its texture. I'm sure a similar effect could be achieved using vertices in GMS2. However, it seems that shaders have the capacity for manipulating the X, Y, and Z...