3d collision

  1. Freddie The Potato

    3D Find Intersection in Rectangular Prism With Directional Vector

    Hola! While writing a script to resolve 3D collisions, I encountered a problem and I can't quite figure it out! I have a rectangular prism with varying width, height and depth. I also have a point located within this prism (A) and a normalized directional vector (d). If a ray is cast from A...
  2. R

    (P3DC) Apply collisions for each instance of an object

    Hey there, I managed to set up a 3D collision system using P3DC library, where I have one player and multiple table model objects (.gmmod) which are placed in the map as obj_table objects. Now, the player object's collisions are set up simply like this: collision_player = p3dc_begin_model()...
  3. P

    Legacy GM 3D Bounding Box [SOLVED]

    I'm trying to create a function analogous to point_in_rectangle() for checking if an object is in a 3D area. My idea was to, first, check if the distance between the center of the region and the object being checked is less than or equal to one half of the diagonal of the cube (the diameter of...
  4. M

    3D GMS2 3D Collision Problems [Solved]

    So, I'm very new to working with 3D in general, so I'm still learning how to work things in general, but just today I managed to make some 3D objects, as well as some downward collision for the surfaces, which generally work fine, however I am having trouble making a collision from the side...
  5. Cameron Clark

    3D Collisions

    So, I am trying to make a 3D game with collisions that have you slide along the walls. For example, If a wall is to your right and you click the right key it stops. But, if the other keys are pressed, of if the view changes, i.e. the mouse moves, then the player will be able to slide against the...
  6. S

    3D Collision[solved]

    Gutten Morgen. I have a next problem: I have object "plane" which should destroy itself if point_distance to object "cylinder" is == 50. But it's doesn't work. Here is their code: o_plane Step Event: if (point_distance(x, y, o_cylinder.x, o_cylinder.y)) == 50 instance_destroy(); if...
  7. D

    Gamemaker 8.1 3d FPS Bullet Collisions

    Could someone take a look at my game and figure out how i would set up Bullet collisions so that it destroys the enemy upon contact. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uuovz9dAeXAps71Fxgkx1efl7Rgsnepe/view
  8. C

    [RESOLVED]how use instances?

    i'm doing a 3D colision function: ///Collision3D(PosX1, PosY1, PosZ1, W1, H1, P1, PosX2, PosY2, PosZ2, W2, H2, P2); PosX1=argument0; PosY1=argument1; PosZ1=argument2; W1=argument3; H1=argument4; P1=argument5; PosX2=argument6; PosY2=argument7; PosZ2=argument8; W2=argument9; H2=argument10...