3d camera

  1. S

    GameMaker almost good in 3D

    I was working on a little dungon crawler, like dungeon master in the early version beign bored by the cubes for the walls, i have decided to use 3d models, (i import the fbx in blender, then i export it to .obj file, with the normals and the uv coordinates). the obj file are easy to parse. - I...
  2. S

    Fake 3D world any help?

    So, my goal is it to make a game that looks kind of like octopath traveler or papermario. Is there a way to use a 3d World with 2d tiles and 2d objects like the one on the picture? Also i want the camera position to be the same. Any help?
  3. M

    GMS 2 3D tutorials / learn the basics

    Hi, I've been using GMS for about a year now having Zero previous coding knowledge. I got my start following along the simple 2d arcade style game tutorials and went from there. I really want to make a 4 player FPS deathmatch game. Very simple 1 weapon, 1 map and go from there, but I can't find...
  4. ECEngineering

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Help Drawing orthographic text in 3D space

    Version GMS:1.4.9999 Hi, I am trying to draw 2D text in 3D space, but I need it to always face the camera and not scale, independent of how close it is to camera. These two red arrows in the image show what I'm trying to do: The numbers (7 and 6 for example) are fixed in their size and 3D...
  5. Pixelated_Pope

    GMS 2 EZ3DCam - A fully featured, easy to use, and FREE 3D Camera for GMS2

    Want to get into 3D but got turned off by cameras and projections and all that nonsense? I just released my open source 3D camera project: EZ3DCam. The above example project demonstrates: simple planes mixed 2D and 3D Free Flight FPS 3rd person It's easy to use, can work for any number of...
  6. Gasil

    GMS 2 gpu_set_fog draws over other object's Draw Gui event.

    I'm running this script everytime player enters a new room to enable 3D view. //Initialize z buffer. gpu_set_zwriteenable(true); gpu_set_ztestenable(true); gpu_set_alphatestenable(true); layer_force_draw_depth(true, 0); //Set fog gpu_set_fog(true, global.fogcol, 0, 900); //Set cullmode...
  7. foreverisbetter

    GMS 2 Sprites Outside Room Not Getting Drawn In 3D ?

    Hey hi, I just realized that in GMS2 sprites outside the room borders are not getting drawn in 3D and it seems like that is the intended behavior as it is consistent in every test project I made so far. This is the camera create event: width = window_get_width(); height = window_get_height()...
  8. jtmx

    3D 3D Camera Yaw, Pitch, Roll

    Hello all, I'm trying to create a 3D Camera in GMS2 that has Yaw, Pitch and Roll. I managed to get the Yaw and Pitch working however I can't seem to get the Roll working properly. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Code: if keyboard_check(ord("A")) cam_yaw -= 10; if...
  9. foreverisbetter

    GMS 2 Draw Order and Depth/Z in 3D reversed

    Hey hi, I'm really confused: I have a few layers (background and instance layers) and a 3D camera setup but the draw order and depth are reversed! For example: layer A: depth 0 gets drawn over everything, is the farthest away layer B: depth 100 gets drawn in the middle, is in the middle...
  10. Gun_Goose


    Hi, I am trying to implement a 3D fog of war shader (i have been struggling with this for a while). I have tried to build one from scratch as well as implement on I got off the market place and each time, I have run into a similar problem. I am able to create the proper effect, however the the...
  11. foreverisbetter

    GMS 2 SOLVED: draw text shadow z-fighting in 3D

    Hello, I'm working on a 2D platformer but I decided for parts of the menu to be 3D. It used to be everything 2D but now I want to show a simple 3D Model in the background and also use the perspective view to get a nice parallax effect. The Problem is: up until now, I used the following script...
  12. jtmx

    3D GMS2 Virtual Reality (Mobile device) camera look

    Hello all, I'm working on a virtual reality game for mobile devices and I'm trying to get the game camera to pitch, yaw and roll with the device's gyroscope using device_get_tilt_* functions. I've come across an issue though, the game camera's pitch (device_get_tilt_z) moves up and down with...
  13. KPJ

    GMS 2 Game Maker 2 3D?

    Hi everyone! I am trying to create a top down game, but I feel that 2d doesn't portray my game well. I feel that 3d would, though. So could anyone point me to the right direction, or suggest any functions for top down 3d in gamemaker? I am looking for 3d like this: Any help would be greatly...
  14. Wzqxrys

    Windows MyTime - A Spectacle in Time - 3D Platformer

    https://wzqxrys.itch.io/mytime MyTime - A Spectacle in Time Ollie the crab needs your help! Find all the Time Fragments and restore order to Planet Perspective. Can you stop Professor Tentacle 3D Platformer made in GameMaker DRM Free Designed and Developed by Wzqxrys aka Leiam Clements...
  15. Benjamin Herne

    GMS 2 Custom 3d rendering and 'slave' cameras

    This is really a "Is it possible, and if so, is it reasonable?" type question. So, I've got an idea, basically to build a custom (very basic) 3d system in GMS2. Simple enough for now. What I also intend to do is set it up such that the main game window hosts a local server. From there, multiple...
  16. atma505

    GMS 2 Using Shaders for Sprites in 3D

    I'm looking into methods for having sprites "face" the camera when projecting in 3D. In GMS1, I drew a wall using the sprite as its texture. I'm sure a similar effect could be achieved using vertices in GMS2. However, it seems that shaders have the capacity for manipulating the X, Y, and Z...
  17. ConstaChymic

    Question - Code Default vertex & fragment shader when lighting is used?

    Hi. I'm wondering what default glsl scripts are used when you are drawing things in 3d and are using lights. I've been trying to make my own but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use any of the gl_* variables provided (bar a few such as gl_Fragcoord and gl_Position), as most of my...
  18. jujubs

    3D Camera tilt

    Hey there everyone. I've been trying to get my camera to tilt when I turn my character around in first person. The "camera" turns along with the image_angle. So I have a variables that defaults to 0, but changes between .5 and -.5 whenever I'm turning. My projection code currently looks like...
  19. Y

    3d get device x and y [Solved]

    Hi everyone, i have a problem, when a set 3d camera to a view, the device_mouse_x and device_mouse_y stop working, so how can i check two or more mouse on mobile?
  20. FHD

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking 4 Experienced Programmer with 3D in GM1/2

    Hello everyone, As subject said, I am in need of an experienced programmer with 3D side of GM, to hire. I am interested to add some 3D features to my current project. There would be a lot of 2D billboarding and flying through them on the 3 (x,y,z) axis. Please send me a message if it sounds...