3d art design

  1. H

    Portfolio - Art 3D artist looking to help out with In-Game-Art!

    Hi everyone my name is Mike! I used to fiddle with gamemaker in the early days and now i'm looking to work on either sprites or even environments! Here's my artstation : https://www.artstation.com/mihail_kounelakis If anyone needs help hit me up ! I'm always looking to make new friends and to...
  2. E

    3D Texturing cubes with Multiple Textures?

    I'm working on a game right now that I want to be a simple 3D platformer, using cubes/prisms made from vertex buffers for the terrain. My problem is the way I want to texture the terrain differs based on how the terrain is shaped. Something like this below: I understand I might not be able...
  3. T

    Game art design direction

    So making a game. When walking around the camera should change to set angles. If you're going north or south the camera wil be ether on your back or front. Then at certain times when You go left or right down a street, the camera should change to your side so that you can only see the...
  4. Nixxi

    GMS 2 Something to create frames of sprite animation from just 3 images.. yeah, it's long, bare with me.

    Ok, not sure if someone has already done this, but I'm also very medicated so here goes... I'm making pixel art, and I'm not a good or even a talented artist (I mostly do code), and having to hand-draw individual frames that represent the potential angles a 3d object/character can be seen from...
  5. A

    Portfolio - Art 3D Character Modelling for Game Art

    Hi, I am Anna from Red Apple we have a pro team for designing 3D Character, Here Some of our work.... We work on dedicated hiring basis, our price is very reasonable as our developing team is based in India. Website: https://www.redappletech.com Contact: info@redappletech.com
  6. A

    Portfolio - Art Experienced 2D, 3D Artists, Character Modelling & Games AVAILABLE for work

    We are a creative team experienced in Animation, 3D Character Modeling, Concept Art 2D, Apps and Games design & development. We care about your ideas and transform the idea into reality. We understand your concern so we care to work with integrity and passion. We do sign NDA agreement for the...
  7. Tsa05

     [Opinion/Feat Req] GMS2 needs more 3D

    "It's not a 3D game Making Tool!" "Learn 2 Code!" "Never!" Ok, but hear me out? I'm not suggesting that GameMaker become more of a 3D game-making tool at the present. This is something different, and wrapped into stuff YYG is doing right now in the editor. There's so many successful mobile...
  8. Serg

    Portfolio - Art [ART] Ponylab. We'll design Art for your Game (AND UX/UI)

    Hello fellow GameMakers, My name is Serge, and I run a friendly Art Studio "Ponylab." We specialize in crafting art for awesome games. We're working with 2D and 3D, UI/UX, pixel-art style, skeletal and sprite sheet animation technics and a lot of more styles any game could have. Please, check...
  9. G

    Portfolio - General Game Artist (UI, Environment, FX)

    Hi there! I'm editing this post because it's outdated, and reopening. Examples of my full 3D renders are available here. Examples of my general (and more game-oriented) work is in an Imgur album here. I do animations as well as stills, but I don't do characters well. Environment/UI/special...