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  1. Gravedust

     Our Last Hour [ Zeltroidvania ]

    [Gravedust - Code/Art/SFX][ Micah_DS - Music] Our Last Hour is a short and sweet Zeltroidvania where you have one hour to fight for the soul of your friend. The one-hour time limit is the driving force behind exploring the ancient Fortress Crypt you find yourself in, and mastering the use of...
  2. Gravedust

    [Super Dungeon Smashers][Roguelite][Devlog](pre-alpha)

    [Super Dungeon Smashers][Roguelite][Devlog](pre-alpha) So I decided to start a new game project to mess around with GM2, and since I like to talk about what I'm doing when I'm developing, but nobody else I know really understands what the hell I am talking about, I figured I'd devlog it here so...