2d platformer

  1. S

    Legacy GM 2D sprite has no alpha when in front of 3D background object? [SOLVED]

    So basically, I've had the old GameMaker 8 for a few years and have made a decent amount of 2D games with it. Recently I've got GameMaker Studio (v1.4.1757) and have been learning how to code things in 3D using GML, so I'm trying to remake one of my old game engines. I've now got some nice 3D...
  2. R

    Alpha Storms of Eos

    Storms of Eos - gstaffen.com - - Facebook - Storms of Eos is a multiplayer platform shooter borrowing elements from games like Megaman and Titanfall. You play as a space mercenary and make a living off of contracts that also expand your arsenal of weapons. I'm still in heavy development...
  3. T

    Alpha Beryl Online

    Beryl Online is a 2d platformer online game where players can create their characters, Choose their Main Weapon and Explore the continent while facing monsters, other players and Acquiring items and improving their weapon mastery. Players will able to complete quests enter dungeons and fight...
  4. D

    Idea Some Q to help me develop .

    Hello , I'm a new user here on gmc , i did played with gms for a month and now i feel kinda ready to start and develop a game . But i have some questions for you , to see what others like cause i won't be the only person who will play the game :) The type of game : 2D hack and slash side...
  5. alexde5th

    Legacy GM Example 2D platformer shooter V2

    This uses GM: Studio. For windows. About 30 Kilobytes big. Link for example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tixesyjcbtwlizz/Simple%20weapon%20system.zip?dl=0 I don't really know why I decided to do this, but I decided to take time to make an example of a 2D platformer shooter like what I'm currently...
  6. A

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist/Animator for Hire

    Hi guys! I'm ah-tan, I'm a full-time freelance artist. I've been making art for mobile/web for more than 5 years now. You can check my works here: http://flashgameartist4hire.deviantart.com/ http://ah-tan.newgrounds.com/games/ https://athan84.imgur.com/ http://ah-tan.deviantart.com/ Contact...
  7. alexde5th

    Alpha A.D.A.M. Pre-alpha Updated 8/2/2016

    Most recent version: This game is now on IndieDB! Yay! I guess? http://www.indiedb.com/games/adam-advance-dynamic-abnormal-military/downloads/adam-advance-dynamic-abnormal-military-v4 A 2D platformer, military-style shoot them up. Right now, the game has no story mode, or survival mode...
  8. S

    Team Request LF Animator - 2D Beat 'em Up game - Platformer

    Hello Everybody! I'm creating a 2D - Beat 'em Up - Side Scrolling game in Pixel Art. The players' character is a brawler (think Super Smash). The character can choose between different fighting styles. Each with their own animations. I've got a Game Design Document I could sent to you, should...
  9. cdgamedev

    Windows Simple Platformer

    Description: Screenshots: Downloads: To Be Added:
  10. Hello

    Legacy GM Hello Mario Engine

    GM Version: GameMaker: Studio 1.4.x Target Platform: Desktop Download: http://hellofangaming.github.io/HelloMarioEngine/#download Links: Official Website, Video Summary: The Hello Mario Engine is an open source Mario engine for GameMaker: Studio that is feature packed, and designed to be easy...