2d platformer

  1. HanggaraArif66

    Free Project S.I.G.N. -- 2d action shooter platformer (not metroidvania)

    --------------------------------------- Project S.I.G.N. --------------------------------------- An action shooter platformer. it's not a metroidvania type, but more of a megacontra (fusion of megaman and contra). It challenges your platforming skills and combat skills. Switch your fire...
  2. wizen

    GML Problem with HeartBeast's Tile Collision System

    Hi, I've been having a small issue with (I think) HeartBeast's tile collision system in a 2D platformer environment, and I think I've found the place where it consistently fails, but I'd like some confirmation from someone a little more experienced than I am. The jist of it is that I've...
  3. T

    2D Shooting Mechanic

    Hey Everyone, let me first start by saying that I'm fairly new to the whole GameMaker Community, so forgive me if I'm not completely clear when explaining my problem. Anyway I've been watching Shaun Spalding's youtube video tutorials and noticed that there aren't any guides on strictly two...
  4. S

    GML Platformer: Making player slide out of a wall when stuck

    In my platformer, I have blocks which disappear and reappear. They work just fine, but there is only one problem. Whenever the blocks change as the player is colliding with the disabled block, the player gets stuck and has no way of getting out other than to switch the blocks again. I have been...
  5. D

    Legacy GM How to have a character base his speed on the ground angle.

    Hello GMC! So I've been working on a sonic-esque platforming engine. I have the player able to move in all 360 degrees without any hindrance. I'm having trouble with getting the player to slow down when going up the hill and speed up when going down a hill. My engine is based on having 2...
  6. A

    2D Side-View Physics Platformer Additive Objects

    Hi guys! Im making a 2D Side-View Physics Platformer in which each player controls a ball. I wanted to know how to make the following items. I could make them myself but Im very limited on time. Also linking a YT video or an another thread or link about these could help. I need the following...
  7. F

    Windows Jumper

    Hi there, I have complete my second game (Jumper) -- I am here mostly looking for feedback. Overview Jumper is a 2D platformer where you control a character to get past obstacles, there are 5 levels in total & background music. the scripting was mostly made from tutorials. the music I made it...
  8. J

    Star Trek turbolifts with pathfinding

    Hello, fellow programmers! I have a bit of troubles with my turbolifts. I have done pathfinding which i need becouse of the number of stops (something about 46 stops/floors). ///turbolit create event xx = x; yy = y; tfloor = 1; path = path_add(); ///turbolift press enter if tfloor = 1{ xx=...
  9. C

    What are Your Favorite Indie Games?

    Hey guys, Let's start a free-for-all chat to talk about our favorite Indie games so we can talk about it! I'd especially like to know your favorite Pixel-Graphic / 2D Platformer as well. Indies Forever! -Chris S.
  10. N

    2D bone animation - point gun at mouse

    How is this handled? It's some form of kinematics which I kinda understand and I have a very solid grip of trig, but I don't know how to start with having both hands attached to a single weapon with each arm moving independently and the torso also moving to accommodate extreme angles. How...
  11. M

    Windows Best way to create ground in platformer?

    Hello. I am not quite sure if anyone has already asked this question as i couldn't find any answers, i would like to know your opinions: Which is the best way to create ground/terrain in platformer games on which the player would walk? What is the most efficient way so it won't use many...
  12. W

    Follower/Pet code refining

    So far the game I'm working on has been running well, I would describe the game's style inspired by Castlevania, so basically a 2D platformer. I'm in the midst of implementing a follower system, so the main character will be followed by another object that will attack enemy objects if close...
  13. V

    Team Request LF Programmers, Artists, Musicians and Awesome Creative People

    2D Platformer Game Idea I am an artist, a programmer, somewhat of a musician and a creative brainstormer. I plan on making a game like the battle cats or age of war. I’ll say right up front that I am a really big fan of the battle cats and I play it all the time. And when I play it I always...
  14. C

    Generating a physics rope

    Hi all, first time posting here. Getting back into gamemaker after a long break off. Just wondering if anyone has an idea of what's going wrong with my system? I have been building a platformer using GM physics, and want the player to be able to fling a grapple rope. When generating the rope I...
  15. I

    Legacy GM I'm having some difficulty with the code for collision with moving platforms.

    Hello, I am a novice aspiring game designer currently learning the ins and outs of Game Maker 1.4, I have decided to start off with a basic 2D platformer along the lines of Super Mario World. One of the things that I'd ultimately like to accomplish is having some kind of universal collision...
  16. FHD


    Hi, Here is Boingkid™, a brand new action puzzle platformer title. I have been working on this game for a couple of months since January 2015. I used to work on it on my spare times while I do jobs as a freelance artist. I am doing both coding and visual development for this title but I put...
  17. M

    Windows Work in progress - Shafted

    Hi Game Makers, I have spent about two months working on a 2D story driven platformer called Kalopsia. The story line based in a post apocalyptic world where the majority of people are forced to work in mines deep underground to get resources for better half of humanity living in space. You...
  18. Alsekond

     BBS [triggered recoil shooter]

    Hello everyone. In this thread i will make development logs for my new game. It will be HD sequel to my old game Scrappers. Below you can find screenshots and gameplay video from old game.
  19. X

    Legacy GM 2D Platformer - Feet sticking into ground?(SOLVED)

    Hello. I am creating a 2D platformer and I am having a little issue with my character standing on surfaces. This seems to happen at random and is purely an aesthetic concern as the player does not get stuck or is movement ever prevented(which I don't understand). At worst, it can cause the...
  20. Anamik

    Steam NightmareZ[Now on Steam]

    Hi everyone, I made a side-scrolling platform action game called NightmareZ and released it on Steam few days ago. NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action game with lots of fancy features, enemies and retro visuals. I made this game in Game Maker Studio. I am a solo indie game developer...