2d game

  1. D

    Windows path_add functionality

    When you call path_add() the first point added is the position of the caller. If the caller's anchor is outside the bounds of their sprite (such as one pixel below a character's feet so they rest on a platform) then when the path is created the first point will end up registering "below" the...
  2. J

    Steam Gumstein The Awakening. A game made in Game Maker Studio |(1.4)

    Hi Everyone.I'm happy to announce that we are now out of Early Access with Gumstein: the Awakening. (on Steam)We made this game in Game Maker Studio 1.4, and spent a little over a year making the game. It is a 2D puzzle platform game where you play as chewing gum that became sentient after a...
  3. Tuna

    Windows Human Resources: My New Game

    HUMAN RESOURCES I am a few months into designing a 2D platformer/fighter/RPG in GM Studio 1.4. I am doing so by myself and I am constantly spending a lot of time and effort on it when I'm not at work or school. There is now a playable demo. More info on that below. I have a lot planned for this...
  4. Guitarmike

     Balls Up! Physics puzzle game

    This is my first game, so please keep the feedback constructive! Download Balls Up! on Itch.io Put the ball in the barrel. What could be easier? What goes up must come down. In Balls Up! your goal is simple: drag pieces around the screen to guide falling balls into a barrel. While avoiding...
  5. ReidDC

    Wiz-Fantastical: A 2D Platformer with Metroidvania elements

    Hello Hello everyone, Welcome to Wiz-fantastical, a game about saving your pet dog from an Evil Wizard. Simple, yet a bit more complex then this. The game mostly focuses on jumping, dodging, collecting, and of course, casting magic spells you find through out the world. The goal is simple, I...
  6. AlexDerFerri

     Cuty - Pinkbows

    Name: Cuty - Pinkbows Genre: 2D-Platform GM version: GMS 1.4 Platforms: Windows Download link (Itch.io): https://alexder.itch.io/cuty-pinkbows-alpha Hi! I have been working on my first game with Game Maker: Studio. The game is called "Cuty Pinkbows": a simple 2D-Platform with a shop system to...
  7. A

    Job Offer - Programmer In Search of Someone to Create my Game

    Hello GameMaker Community users, I am currently in the process of making my own top-down / isometric 2 player-per-session online game. However, being in and out of the hospital a lot lately and new medications have left me unable to work on the game (I struggle to follow through on things). No...
  8. Y

    Need (HELP)

    There is link in video my gun is slower than me how i can fix it to stick on character and i need code about ( if i look right and shoot at left character change side and look at shoot side) Sorry for my english Thanks!
  9. C

    GML Tile secrets like in new super mario bros

    I'm new to these forums. And this is my first post. Let me make it clear that I am not a programmer. I don't know much about code. Actually, I don't really know any code. Please post as if I am advanced because this is for a friend of mine who does know GML code. A friend of mine by the name of...
  10. B

    Steam Mario Maker meets Meat Boy - 2D platformer tool looking for alpha players

    Hello all fellow GMs! During August and September we're looking for players who like to help test DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes and content creators who like to stream new and original content. DASH is slowly coming out of the alpha stage and we're looking forward to Early Access later this...
  11. Repix

    Alpha Scroll Hunter

    Download Here! Version: 0.01 Genre: open world - platformer - 2d - action - rpg - adventure
  12. Electronic Cheesekov

    Windows The Square Destroyer

    The Square Destroyer is my first 'good' game. It's about a young boy who lives a peaceful life until the evil square king kidnapped his dog. So the boy goes on an epic adventure to get his dog back. The game only displays FIVE colours on your screen. Download...
  13. G

     8Th Sense 2D HandDrawn Platformer Demo.

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting here, and after I've seen some of your great work I decided to join the WIP movement :D. I made this game for a game jam, but because I was still too slow at coding, I could barely get basic things done, and the game was, obviously, received with very...
  14. Reign

    Design Custom GM:S Map Maker

    I created a free alternative map maker for game maker studio if anyone has a need for it https://defiance.itch.io/map-maker In the zip file, I included a simple game maker project to demonstrate how you can load a map and spawn objects. Personally, I like far more than Tiled, you might too...
  15. HayManMarc

    HayMan's UFO game

    Hello GMCer's! So, I decided to bite the bullet and make a WIP post for this thing I'm working on. The current working title for it is... Zorxian Pets ...but I'm not sure if that will remain its title. It's an arcade-ish, 2D, sideview, alien abduction game where you play the alien in your...
  16. E

    Platformer: Weapon Mask Follows Player; The Sprite Does Not

    I am working on a Multiplayer platform game that utilizes various choices of weapons and characters. When the player attacks, the weapon mask creates itself and follows the players movement. However, when I draw the sprite of the actual weapon it stays in the same spot from when the action was...
  17. G

    Fly away with recoil

    Hi, we are a couple of game student that studying the game design course on Uppsala University in Gotland, Sweden. We are currently working on a 2D platformer. The artistic style we are going after is the steam punk kind of theme. The game’s core mechanic and what we think can make the game...
  18. R

    Windows R.White and Eipper

    Description The journalist R.White and his colleague Mr.Eipper are intending to investigate a haunted town which was abandoned several years ago. This game is a platforming game, and a player needs to control two characters to reach the goal: find out more information about the story. Controls...
  19. E

    Released Spark | Combo-centric Shoot 'em Up

    BUY IT NOW! =] Spark is a creative, combo-centric, Shoot 'em up game. It's a 3-in-1 old-school arcade game fueled by the competitive urge to climb the leaderboards. The unique shooting system hooks the player as they discover more and more ways to create beautiful and effective combos...
  20. M

     [DEMO] School Wars!! (high school adventure with time travel)

    Editing this for an announcement: School Wars in on Kickstarter now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/happybroccoli/school-wars Any support is appreciated, thank you so much :D ________________________________________________________________ Heya!! :D I started making my first own...