2d game

  1. Red Phantom

    Fire Realm - Arcade Game

    Download Link - Gamejolt What Is This Game Fire Realm is an arcade game with gameplay reminiscent of space invaders. You are an agent sent to the fire realm to eradicate all fire creatures. Please give feedback, all feedback appreciated.
  2. Y

    i need help (noob)

    Hello I created a 2d space shooter in which the player can be controlled with a joystick (mobile game). the player looks in the direction in which the joystick is used (mouse point). now i need a button to shoot . I have created an object that creates the sprite (GUI) at a certain point so that...
  3. A

    GMS 2 Need advice on drawing a level (optimization)

    Hello everyone! I'm new not to just GMS, but game-dev in whole, though have pretty much experience in other programming-related stuff. That's why I need some more experienced advice for my problem. I'm going to have such type of procedurally generated levels in my game like on this...
  4. MilkMan5x

    CRIKEYMAS - 2D platformer hammer action game

    One of my magnum opus about swinging around your hammer through the Santa's old abandoned lair... (YEAH HAMMERTIME™) Backstory About the game (Footage demonstrating the combat system, From earlier build) (Footage demonstrating the combat system, From current, up-to-date build)...
  5. A

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] My player character can not jump, move sideways and shoot at the same time.

    As the title suggests, my player character can't shoot if you hold space and move sideways in the air. They also can't move sideways if space is held while shooting in the air as well as being unable to jump if they are moving sideways and shooting. It's very odd and I can't find any code that...
  6. G

    GMS 2 Gamemaker Studio 2: Moving Platforms and One Way Platforms(All in One)

    GM Version: Target Platform: Windows Download: N/A Links: Summary: First of all, happy new year to everybody! Hope you're having a great one. Just as the title mentions, this is an all in one tutorial video showing people how to handle jump through based static and moving...
  7. Andrew R. C. Beck

    Demo Shapes In The Sky - A Breakout Arcade Game!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlespoons! I would like to introduce you to Shapes in the Sky! SO! What is this game about? In Shapes in the Sky you are a ship tasked with defending the world from invading aliens that have come to be known as Sky Shapes. Using your ship, you must blast an energy ball at...
  8. Hamdy Elzonqali

    Free Can You Finish The Game ? (Android)

    You think you can finish it all ? .. Well, It's not that easy! "Can You Finish The Game ?" or "CYFTG" is a puzzle platformer about escaping from the cave. Can you reach the end? .. I don't think so! You can download the game at itch.io for free! Play Now! link -->...
  9. S

    Create Object on top of Other object

    I want to make a lucky block where a mushroom spawns on top of the lucky block when I hit it
  10. Freddie The Potato

    GMS 2 2D vectors with acceleration, friction and top speed

    Heya! I am struggling to find a solution to a problem that has plagued me for all eternity! Imagine a 2D vector holding horizontal and vertical inputs: xinput = keyboard_check(vk_right) - keyboard_check(vk_left); yinput = keyboard_check(vk_down) - keyboard_check(vk_up); Implementing player...
  11. frd

     Twirly Pict

    Day two working on a new game which so far involves twirling around in an environment inspired by the Book of Kells. Not too sure where it's headed. Any thoughts?
  12. Phantasma

    Windows UnEarthed 2D Top-Down Action RPG

    STORY ---------------- Some foolish adventurers have dared to venture into the burial site of an ancient demonic being. While looting the tomb, they accidentally broke the seal and released the Evil inside! As other evil beings nearby start to awaken in response to this, the village of...
  13. Phil Bod

    Beta PhilGood - BETA free : more than 2 hours of reflection and action now

    You are a prisoner of a “line”, as if you were part of it ! … Right next door, it’s death. But why did this happen … ? And how to get out of it unscathed and reach the end of this “line” much more alive and dangerous than it seems. Download BETA...
  14. F

    Real Time Multiplayer

    I want to make a Real Time Multiplayer Battle game, for 2 players. But i don't know how can i make that, can i make it so the networking will be between the two players, or i have to host a server, when two players want to battle?
  15. T

    Legacy GM View Problems

    I have been having problems with my view. I have my game view set to 640x360(which is a 16:9 aspect ratio, so I'm pretty sure its not because its trying to deal with the resizing), but I always get these disfigured sprites. they look as if it were to stretch a pixel 1 and a half times. im not...
  16. D

    Windows path_add functionality

    When you call path_add() the first point added is the position of the caller. If the caller's anchor is outside the bounds of their sprite (such as one pixel below a character's feet so they rest on a platform) then when the path is created the first point will end up registering "below" the...
  17. J

    Steam Gumstein The Awakening. A game made in Game Maker Studio |(1.4)

    Hi Everyone.I'm happy to announce that we are now out of Early Access with Gumstein: the Awakening. (on Steam)We made this game in Game Maker Studio 1.4, and spent a little over a year making the game. It is a 2D puzzle platform game where you play as chewing gum that became sentient after a...
  18. Tuna

    Windows Human Resources: My New Game

    HUMAN RESOURCES I am a few months into designing a 2D platformer/fighter/RPG in GM Studio 1.4. I am doing so by myself and I am constantly spending a lot of time and effort on it when I'm not at work or school. There is now a playable demo. More info on that below. I have a lot planned for this...
  19. Guitarmike

     Balls Up! Physics puzzle game

    This is my first game, so please keep the feedback constructive! Download Balls Up! on Itch.io Put the ball in the barrel. What could be easier? What goes up must come down. In Balls Up! your goal is simple: drag pieces around the screen to guide falling balls into a barrel. While avoiding...
  20. ReidDC

    Wiz-Fantastical: A 2D Platformer with Metroidvania elements

    Hello Hello everyone, Welcome to Wiz-fantastical, a game about saving your pet dog from an Evil Wizard. Simple, yet a bit more complex then this. The game mostly focuses on jumping, dodging, collecting, and of course, casting magic spells you find through out the world. The goal is simple, I...