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2d fake 3d

  1. K

    Changing Perspectives

    Hello all, I'm new to game making and I'm looking to make my first simple game, this game is going to start off as a simple open world game where you can basically just walk around and that's it but over time I'll add more features as I get better. One of the ideas I'd like to incorporate down...
  2. jujubs

    Z-Order sorting

    So I've followed this very classic post by like100bears on doing fake 3D using 2D sprites. It works very well. However, when my objects start overlapping, they seem to appear onscreen on the order that I've put them in the room. I'm drawing a few columns and they just appear on top of the ones...
  3. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM 2D top-down problem with depth

    Hi, I got the following problem in a 2D (fake 3D) top-down game with the depth order between objects: The movings cart depth = -160 (i cant expalin this number, i got it purely from just guessing untill it kinda works) The trees depths = 0 In all static objects (like trees and rails) i have...