1. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ Why use "static function()" inside a struct function??

    I tried to look in the manual but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, it's because I'm using structs and I ended up in a situation where I need to use one function inside the other, but I saw people using static, but I don't know what the function is, I click on the function and it doesn't...
  2. TheRudolfGaming

    SOLVED Auto-fill showing duplicate suggestions of variables/functions.

    Heya! As the title implies, after updating to 2.3.1 today and starting to modify my code, I noticed that my auto-fill suggestions were getting shown multiple times I can assume this could be a bug/glitch of the new update/conversion to the new version, cause this behavior was not documented...
  3. samspade

    GMS 2.3+ What are the significant changes to GML with 2.3.1?

    With the advent of 2.3.1 it's time for another update to a series I had almost finished (two videos left, one I already have to redo for 2.3.1). Here's my list of the significant changes to GML in 2.3.1: Arrays have a bunch of new functions You can now delete variables from structs structs have...
  4. D

    GMS 2.3+ For Loop not working

    Just updated to the most recent version (2.3.1) and my For loops have suddenly stopped working and I don't know why. I found it odd that the new one I did wasn't working, even though I had one running perfectly fine last week or two, but even that one is broken right now. Checked the usual...