1d array

  1. Silversea

    Legacy GM SOLVED: Small 2D Array Issue

    I usually use 1D arrays, so apologies for what seems like a stupid problem. The solution is probably easy... The error is "Variable Index [1,2] out of range [301,0] - - 1.row(10045,32002)" My code is simply: Create event: row[300,2] = 0 Draw event: draw_sprite(row[1,1],row[1,2],x,y) What...
  2. ph101

    2 Scripts to save/load 1D array as ds_list string. But why does load script fail?

    Hi guys Please can a more experienced GMLer roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with my 2 scripts for saving and loading a 1D array into an already open ini? They are very simple - Save loops through a 1D array and populates a temp ds_list before writing as a string with...