1. abeldev


    Over the past year and a half I've been working on creating a game that truly calls back to classic survival horror, with a 16bit aesthetic. Inventory management, limited resources, itemboxes, save rooms, ridiculous puzzles - it's all here. I would love if you guys could play my latest demo and...
  2. SpartanSteve

    iOS iOS, Android, HTML5 Helicopter game meets Flappy Bird

    Download: Flappy Fly V1.0 just released on Android and now on iOS too!! (Only took an extra three weeks but I'll take it). And if mobile isn't your thing you can play out a rough port of the gameplay with HTML5 here. Store Description: The gameplay in Flappy Fly is simple: touch the screen to...
  3. S

    Job Offer - Audio Payed Looking for music for my game

    Hello so i am looking for music for my game i need something dark and suspenseful im drawing a lot of inspiration from doom and there is a bit of a syfi feel to the game im also looking for something with a 16bit sound think doom on the snes or sega if your interested let me know
  4. Peyton Burnham

    Portfolio - Audio Composer for hire (bunch of styles including retro!)

    Hi! My name is Peyton, I'm a composer/musician or whatever! Here are a few demo tracks from a game I'm working on: A character theme: https://soundcloud.com/peyton-burnham/djinn Another character theme: https://soundcloud.com/peyton-burnham/a-fresh-face An area theme...
  5. CreativeJon90

     Nalia's Tale [Devlog]

    Hey everyone my name is CreativeJon90 one of the developers of Bounty Nalia's Tale. Bounty Nalia's Tale is a pixel sci fi action rpg. You play as Nalia, a former police officer who's son was killed by a group of raiders. In this story she takes matters into her own hands and becomes a bounty...
  6. CreativeJon90

    Job Offer - Artist Pixel Artist | Pixel Animator

    Hello all Dinobyte Softworks is looking to fill the position of Character artist/animator for a project that is currently being worked on. Here are a few links of where we post updates https://www.facebook.com/Bounty-Episode-One-668399949939116/ https://twitter.com/DinoByteSoftwo1...
  7. CreativeJon90

    Team Request Action rpg, story telling (Rev-Share)

    Hey GM Community members! This is a new forum for the already existing Bounty: episode One! This is a 2d Action Rpg. It is inspired by games like Hyperlight drifter, and other rougelikes. You take the role of Naila. A former police officer who had to become a Bounty Hunter in order to find the...
  8. Tronco

    Demo XYDONIA / ザイドニア - 16-bit style arcade horizontal shmup [LIVE Kickstarter] [Greenlit]

    XYDONIA is now live on Kickstarter! Please help us making our dream come true. The game's fate is in your hands now! >KICKSTARTER PAGE< Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you to XYDONIA, a PC game I'm working on as the lead coder, completely done in Game Maker Studio. It's a classic...